Medical Students

  • What is the Medical Student Section?

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    TMA created the Medical Student Section (MSS) in the late 1970s to gain a student perspective among members and provide future physicians with a voice in TMA policy. It helps focus attention on issues unique to Texas' students and provides a forum for students to communicate with each other.

    Now over 4,800 members strong, the TMA-MSS section helps shape the future of medicine as members participate in the TMA and American Medical Association policy-making process and serve in slotted seats on boards, councils, and committees. Students also have a voting representative on the TMA Board of Trustees. TMA student members also are actively involved in their local county medical societies.

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  • Save the Date

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    Register today to attend TexMed 2017 which will be held in Houston, May 5-6.  Check out the advance program for information on social events, our general sessions and more. Registration is free for students.

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  • Board, Council and Committee Reps

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    Medical student representatives and alternate representatives are appointed to serve one-year terms on association boards, councils, and committees. Applications are open for the 2017-2018 term. To apply, submit an application to your Section Coordinator by April 15.

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  • Leadership Honor Society

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    The TMA-MSS Leadership Honor Society recognizes fourth year medical students that have actively participated in Texas organized medicine. Submit an application to your Section Coordinator by April 15 for recognition.

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  • Section Resources

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    Get more information on event dates, deadlines, ways to get involved, leadership and scholarship opportunities, and more.

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  • Who me? A student? I need a professional association? You bet!