C. Frank Webber, MD Award

Created in 1987, the C. Frank Webber, MD Award is given annually by the Texas Medical Association Medical Student Section to honor a Texas physician for his or her outstanding service to the Medical Student Section and its members. 

The award is given in recognition of Dr. Webber’s leadership and dedication to medical students.  His efforts prompted the development of the strong student organization within TMA. All nominees for the C. Frank Webber, MD Award should be Texas Medical Association (TMA) member physician.

Nominations will be accepted from TMA Medical Student Section (TMA-MSS) members only. The TMA-MSS Executive Council will consider all nominees, select the award recipient at Winter Conference, and the award will be given during the House of Delegates opening session at TMA’s annual conference, TexMed. To nominate a Texas physician, complete the nomination form by Jan. 20.

Past Recipients of the award

1987 – May Owen, MD

1988 – J. James Rohack, MD

1989 – Mylie E. Durham, Jr., MD

1990 – Sam A. Nixon, MD

1991 – John P. Howe, III, MD

1992 – Joel S. Dunnington, MD

1993 – Nancy W. Dickey, MD

1994 – Betty P. Stephenson, MD

1995 – Robert M. Tenery, Jr., MD

1996 – Robert B. Morrow, MD

1997 – John D. Bonnet, MD

1998 – Phil H. Berry, Jr., MD

1999 – Surenda K. Varma, MD

2000 – David W. Duffner, MD

2001 – Susan Rudd Wynn, MD

2002 – Josie R. Williams, MD

2003 – Rajam Ramamurthy, MD

2004 – Charles W. Bailey, Jr., MD

2005 – J. James Rohack, MD

2006 – Bohn D. Allen, MD

2007 – William Woolford Hinchey, MD

2008 – Dennis Dove, MD

2009 – Arlo F. Weltge, MD 

2010 – Joel S. Dunnington, MD

2011 – Angela Siler-Fisher, MD

2012 – E. Stevens Robinson, MD

2013 – Steven Berk, MD

2014 – Kaparaboyna Ashok Kumar, MD

2015 – Russell W. H. Kridel, MD

2016 – Ben G. Raimer, MD

2017 – Cedric K. Dark, MD

2018 – Stephen L. Brotherton, MD

2019 – Linday M. Siy, MD

2020 – Cynthia Ann Jumper, MD, MPH, Lubbock

2021  – Ashley L. Sturgeon, MD, Lubbock

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