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    TMA Brings its Fite

    Texas Medicine

    Meet incoming TMA president Diana Fite, MD, who lives up to her last name when it comes to her dedication to easing the long list of frustrations plaguing today’s physicians: quality measures, electronic health records, prior authorizations, and low Medicaid pay, among others. She’s a seasoned physician advocate who’s spent years engaging legislators and other key figures on finding solutions to medicine’s biggest problems.

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    Texas Medicine
  • Bracing for the Big Ones

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    Novel Diseases like COVID-19 could test Texas' public health system. Past crises have led to improved screening techniques; better training and increased appreciation for the different methods of disease control; and better communication up and down the public health chain of command,However, there’s always room for improvement, including more thorough training for physicians in public health measures and more money for public health.

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    Testing Texas' Public Health System  

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  • Me and My Doctor Blog

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    Join the discussion. This blog is designed so that patients and doctors can have a candid dialog about health care issues.

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