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    Texas has a mixed system for certifying death. The lack of uniformity complicates the accuracy of death statistics, and because death is one of the foundations of vital statistics, the problem can have a major impact on public health. Some solutions include better training, technical improvements, and adding more medical examiners.

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  • A False Impression

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    "Significant strides." "Exciting." "A remarkable accomplishment." That was the picture Medicare painted in a March report on the first year of the Quality Payment Program. But a closer look by TMA raises serious doubts about the cheerleading - so much so that TMA and seven other state medical societies are asking the agency to rescind the report.

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    Medicine to Medicare: Report Inflates QPP Success  

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  • Me and My Doctor Blog

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    Join the discussion. This blog is designed so that patients and doctors can have a candid dialog about health care issues.

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