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    Extreme Medicine

    Texas Medicine

    Practicing extreme medicine requires getting acclimated to extreme situations. A group of 18 second-year medical students at The University of Texas Medical Branch School of Medicine in Galveston did just that by taking part in a two-week extreme medicine program offered through the school’s preventive medicine residency department.

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    Texas Medicine
  • Rule of Fear

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    A reversal in federal immigration policy limits access to green cards and temporary visas for some immigrants who receive Medicaid and other public benefits. But widespread and unfounded fears about the law have unnecessarily deterred many migrants from the care they need and are eligible for. Now physicians and other advocates are struggling to undo the repercussions.

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    New Immigration Rule Instills Fear, Deters Care  

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  • Me and My Doctor Blog

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    Join the discussion. This blog is designed so that patients and doctors can have a candid dialog about health care issues.

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