Leadership Honor Society

The TMA-MSS Leadership Honor Society recognizes fourth year medical students that have actively participated in Texas organized medicine. 

The following are the requirements for membership in the TMA-MSS Leadership Honor Society:

  • Student must be a medical student in a Texas medical school and a member of the TMA.
  • Student must hold leadership roles that average at least half of the years they spend in medical school (i.e. 2 of 4 years, 3 of 6 years, etc.).
  • Leadership roles include official chapter, county and state positions (TMA Board, Council or Committee positions, MSS Executive Council, chapter positions listed within the chapter bylaws, county society positions, other positions will be subject to allowance based on the MSS Executive Council’s discretion). 
  • Student must attend at least an average of one TMA conference for each year the student is enrolled in medical school.
  • Student must demonstrate good mentorship of fellow medical students.

Accepted honor society members will be acknowledged at TexMed during the MSS Business meeting where they will receive honor cords, provided by TMA. The honor cords will be worn by students at their respective medical school graduations.

To apply for the TMA-MSS Leadership Honor Society, submit an application by
April 15.

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