Student of the Year Award

At TexMed 1998, TMA-MSS established the Outstanding Student on the Year award.  

This award is given annually to the Texas Medical Student exemplifying outstanding service to the Texas Medical Association Medical Student Section. Any medical student (except current TMA-MSS Executive Council members) is eligible to receive this award.

Nominations will be accepted from TMA Medical Student Section (TMA-MSS) members only. The TMA-MSS Executive Council will consider all nominees, select the award recipient at Winter Conference, and the award will be given during the House of Delegates opening session at TexMed. To nominate a TMA student member, submit the nomination form by Jan. 20.

Past Recipients of the award:

1998 – Johnny Greenfield, UT-Southwestern

1999 – Vladimir Zuzukin, MD, UT-Southwestern

2000 – Peter Lamble, Baylor

2001 – Jonathan Matthews, TCOM

2002 – Traci Angelica, UTHSCSA

2003 – Brad Lancaster, TCOM

2004 - Prateek Chaudhary, TCOM

2005 – Scott Chaiet, Baylor

2006 – Robert Bour, Texas A&M

2007 – Chirag Patel, UT-Houston

2008 – Travis Bias, TCOM 

2009 – Jessica Nguyen-Trong, UT-Southwestern

2010 – Maryam Shambayati, TCOM

2011 – Kimberly Hawthorne, UT-Houston

2012 – Alexandra Iacob, UT-Houston

2013 – Justin Berk, Texas Tech

2014 – Justin Bishop, Texas Tech

2015 – Kayla Riggs, UT-Houston

2016 – Patrick Crowley, TCOM

2017 – Hayley Rogers, UTMB

2018 – Sinan Ali Bana, A&M

2019 – Michael Bagg, McGovern Medical School

2020 – Natasha Topolski, McGovern Medical School 

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