MSS Leadership Manual

Power Point Presentations  

Introduction to Organized Medicine

 TMA 101 - Medical Student Section  

TMA/AMA Funding   

Leadership Opportunities in TMA/AMA

#1 - Job Responsibilities 

Chapter Officers 

TMA-MSS Executive Council  

#2 - Funding 

Basic Funding Facts   

Expense Form  & ACH Form

TMA MSS Funding & Other Funding Sources

AMA-MSS Section Involvement Grant   

#3 - Leadership Opportunities

Board, Council, and Committee Process & Application

TMA Grants, Loans & Awards  

 AMA Scholarships & Grants

Overview of TMA-MSS Leadership Positions  

#4 - Chapter Recruitment

Medical Student Benefits Flyer & Membership Kit

TMA Medical Student Membership Application

AMA Membership Application  

Recruitment Action Plan

Sample Recruitment Letter

Medical Student Orientation Information Form

AMA Medical Student Outreach Program

Project Ideas   

#5 - Programs and Projects

Programming Information and Promotion

How to Schedule a Brown Bag  

Brown Bag Request Form    

#6 - Resolution Writing & Sturgis

Introduction to Resolution Writing

Write a TMA-MSS Supported Resolution

Policymaking 101: Learn How to Make a Difference  

Basic Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary Procedure Power Point

Parliamentary Procedure Principal Rules

#7 - Policies and Procedures 

Election Procedures

MSS Policy and Procedure Manual 

 #8 - Common Questions 

Common Questions About Membership

 #9 - Who to Call When 

Board, Council and Committee Contacts

County Medical Society Directory  

#10 - About the AMA-MSS 

AMA-MSS Regions  

The AMA: What Medical Students Should Know

#11 - AMA Policy Making

How AMA Sets Policy

How AMA-MSS Sets Policy

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April 17, 2024

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010