MSS Leadership Manual

Lecture Series Presentations

Primer to the Physician-Patient Relationship  

State of Medical Student Liability 

Power Point Presentations 

TMA 101 - Medical Student Section  

Leadership Opportunities in TMA/AMA

TMA/AMA Funding  

Introduction to Organized Medicine

 #1 - Common Questions

Common Questions About Membership

 #2 - Who to Call When

Board, Council and Committee Contacts 

County Medical Society Directory  

General Contact Information  

 #3 - Policies and Procedures

Election Procedures

MSS Policy and Procedure Manual

#4 - Sturgis

Basic Parlimentary Procedure 

Cheat Sheet 

Parlimentary Procedure Power Point 

Parlimentary Procedure Principal Rules   

#5 - Resolution Writing

TMA Resolution Process  

TMA-MSS Resolution Scoring Rubric and Timeline

TMA-MSS Resolution Writing Cover Page

Resolution Writing Guide for Medical Students

#6 - Funding

AMA-MSS Section Involvement Grant  

Basic Funding   

TMA MSS Funding

Other Funding Sources 

Reimbursement Guidelines

Expense Form  

#7 - Leadership Opportunities

TMA Boards, Councils, and Committees  

Board, Council, and Committee Application

MSS Leadership and Scholarship Opportunities   

Overview of TMA-MSS Leadership Positions

#8 - Job Responsibilities

Chair Action Plan 

Vice Chair Action Plan

Reporter Action Plan  

Task Force Chairs Action Plan

TMA Delegates Co-Leaders Action Plan 

AMA Delegate Co-Leaders Action Plan

Chapter President Action Plan

Chapter Vice President Action Plan

Chapter Secretary Action Plan

Chapter  Treasurer Action Plan 

Chapter TMA Delegate and Alt. Delegate Action Plan

Chapter AMA Delegate and Alt. Delegate Action Plan  

#9 - Programs and Projects

Basic Programming Facts 

Chapter Programming

Social Issue Projects 

Promoting Chapter Events

Promoting Chapter Projects

How to Schedule a Brown Bag  

Brown Bag Request Form  

#10 - Chapter Recruitment

Medical Student Benefits Flyer 

Medical Student Membership Application

Recruitment Action Plan

Sample Recruitment Letter

Medical Student Orientation Information Form

AMA Outreach and Rewards

Project Ideas  

#11 - Communication

Forms of Communication

Trademarks, Etc 

Use of TMA Letterhead and Logo   

#12 - About the AMA-MSS 

AMA-MSS Regions  

AMA-MSS Vision Statement

MSS Assembly Graph 

The AMA: What Medical Students Should Know

#13 - AMA Policy Making

How AMA Sets Policy 

How AMA-MSS Sets Policy 

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July 20, 2020