Medical Student Member Highlight: Anand Singh

 Anand Singh headshot 225x225Name: Anand Singh

Medical School: Anne Burnett Marion School of Medicine at Texas Christian University

City: Fort Worth

County Medical Society: Tarrant CMS

Social Media Handle: @anand.singh124 (instagram), @toanandsingh (twitter/facebook)

 Singh has been involved in many leadership roles within organized medicine including serving as AMA-MSS Chair-Elect, on TMA's Council on Health Promotion, and previously served as a Medical Student Liason to Tarrant County Medical Society.

Why are you interested/engaged in organized medicine? I knew from the first day of medical school that I wanted to improve my patient's health outside of the clinical setting. I realized that a lot of these changes would have to be done on a policy level to impact greater populations. Therefore, organized medicine gave me an outlet to pursue my advocacy goals on a local, state, and national levels.

How did you get involved in this organization?
I got involved with the AMA and TMA initially through registering during a student involvement fair at my school in my first year of medical school. I was eager to get involved so I began to show up to meetings not knowing anyone or what was going on. However, after a couple of meetings later, I began to understand the process and began to speak up and participate more. Since then, I haven't looked back.

Why did you pursue your current leadership role?
As the newly elected AMA-MSS Chair-Elect, I chose to pursue this role for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons I chose to pursue this role is to increase mentorship and networking opportunities for all medical students. As part of the largest organized medicine group in the country, we have the opportunity to bring together key stakeholders to develop innovative projects, policies, and other unique ideas. Additionally, I was inspired by witnessing how my mentors led the AMA-MSS and I hoped to give back to the group of students that have been so pivotal during my medical school career. 

What have you gained from your leadership experience within TMA and/or other organizations?
Most importantly, I have learned skillful communication when speaking on a large platform. This skill will not only help me as a doctor when I communicate with patients, but it will help in all aspects of my life as I continue to build and develop relationships. Additionally, I have gained a network of lifelong mentors, peers, and friends through my leadership experience who I hope to stay connected with throughout my professional career.

What leadership skills do you think are most important for physicians and/or medical students and how can they develop them?
I believe reflection is such an important skill everyone should possess. The ability to reflect on situations allows one to grow and learn from prior situations so that they can continue to improve on themselves. They can develop this skill by taking 5-10 minutes after an event to sit down and reflect on everything good and bad from the event. As you gain more practice, this will become second hand nature.

What prepared you the most for the leadership roles you have had?
I believe my medical school's curriculum for creating Empathetic Scholars has played a huge role in preparing me for the leadership roles. Learning how to display compassion while taking action to understand another individual's perspective have allowed me to forge relationships and develop leaders within organized medicine. Additionally, the lifelong learning component of being a scholar is crucial for leadership roles as maintaining humble curiosity allowed me to learn the skills necessary to develop into a strong leader.

Is there a cause, activity, or organization you're involved in that you would like to mention?
As a board of director member to the AMA Foundation, this organizations is truly supporting medical students across the country through scholarships, mentorship, and leadership development. Please consider donating to the organization as we hope to empower our future generation of physicians.

Do you have a favorite quote or personal motto?
"There is power in finding unity among diversity."

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November 15, 2023

Originally Published On

November 15, 2023