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  • What is the Medical Student Section?

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    TMA created the Medical Student Section (MSS) in the late 1970s to gain a student perspective among members and provide future physicians with a voice in TMA policy. It helps focus attention on issues unique to Texas' students and provides a forum for students to communicate with each other.

    Now over 4,800 members strong, the TMA-MSS section helps shape the future of medicine as members participate in the TMA and American Medical Association policy-making process and serve in slotted seats on boards, councils, and committees. Students also have a voting representative on the TMA Board of Trustees. TMA student members also are actively involved in their local county medical societies.

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  • Texas Among Best in Keeping Medical Students, Residents Practicing In-State, Report Shows

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    Texas continues to rank among the most successful states in retaining physicians from its medical schools and residency programs, beating out 47 other states, data from 2019 show.

    Texas Sets Record for Number of Newly Licensed Physicians  
  • Percentage of Women in Texas Med Schools Hits Record High

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    The 2018 freshman class at Texas medical schools contains a record high percentage of women, according to data compiled by the Texas Medical Association. The proportion of female first-year enrollments in Texas rose to 52.3 percent, up from 50.1 percent in 2017, and edging out the previous record of 51.4 percent hit in 2003.

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  • TMA Resources: Understanding Insurance and Policy in Health Care

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    TMA resources to help students improve readiness for understanding the role of insurance and policy in health care.

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  • Walk With a Doc Seeking Student Chapters

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    There are currently 12 medical schools, including yours, in Texas, with several more under development. Every one of those schools is outstanding in its own way, but each one also is missing something: A Walk With a Doc Texas program.

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  • Medical Student Loan Refinancing Resource Center

    Education debt is a growing problem that heavily influences which students choose the medical field and discourages many low-income and minority students. There are numerous ways for medical students to minimize their debt load. Visit TMA's student loan refinancing webpage.

    TMA's Financial Assistance Programs 

  • Board, Council and Committee Opportunities and Appointments

    Medical student members are provided the opportunity to apply for a one-year term as a representative or alternate representatives on association boards, councils, and committees. Student members of the TMA Board, Councils, and Committees help create policy while offering networking and leadership opportunities. Appointments are made annually. (2021-22 MSS Appointees)

    Applications are Due by April 15 

  • On a Medical Mission

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    For Ali Sawani, attending the University of the Incarnate Word (UIW) School of Osteopathic Medicine was a leap of faith.

    Physician Shortage Prompts
    New Medical Schools
  • Staggering Student Debt Is Shaping How the Newest Physicians Approach Medicine

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    Increasingly for new physicians,  debt hangs over everything in their lives ― their personal decisions about kids and marriage, their choice of specialty, their ability to set up a practice. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) says that 76 percent of all medical school graduates have education debt and that the average debt is $190,000 per person.

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  • Leadership Honor Society

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    The TMA-MSS Leadership Honor Society recognizes fourth year medical students that have actively participated in Texas organized medicine. Submit an application to your Section Coordinator by April 15 for recognition.

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  • Leadership Resources

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    Your guide to MSS topics including; policies & procedures, chapter recruitment ideas, elections, funding, resolution writing and more.

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  • Fourth Year Student Update

    Ensure your membership record is accurate by providing your new contact and residency training information.

  • Who me? A student? I need a professional association? You bet!