Residents and Fellows

  • What is the Resident and Fellow Section (RFS)?

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    The TMA Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) serves as a voice and advocate on issues unique to Texas residents. RFS members help create TMA policy and resolutions that shape the future of medicine. Join TMA today to experience first-hand how residents – like yourself – are given the power and resources to make a difference in your profession.

    TMA Resident Membership
  • Texas Among Best in Keeping Medical Students, Residents Practicing In-State, Report Shows

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    Texas continues to rank among the most successful states in retaining physicians from its medical schools and residency programs, beating out 47 other states, data from 2019 show.

    Texas Sets Record for Number of Newly Licensed Physicians  
  • Free ‘Early Career’ Education for Residents

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    Success as a physician involves more than the practice of quality medicine. TMA’s free, one-hour seminars help illuminate complexities in the business side of medicine and may meet ACGME requirements. Learn how to negotiate employment and insurance contracts, manage a hospital or practice, and protect health care data from cyber threats.

    Free Resident Courses
  • Resources for Surviving Residency

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    Use TMA's tools and resources to help eliminate the stress of residency and successfully enter your first practice.

    More TMA Member Benefits
  • How to Get a Texas Medical License

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    TMA provides step-by-step guidance, and all the resources you need to pass the Texas Medical Jurisprudence exam and get your Texas medical license.

    Licensure Process in Texas
  • Help With Transitioning to Practice

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    You have a lifetime partner in TMA. We understand the issues residents face, and are prepared to meet your needs now and at every stage of your career.

    Get Started in Medical Practice
  • Employment Contracts for Physicians:
    Second Edition

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    Are you a physician thinking about accepting an employment relationship? Discover how to evaluate contractual arrangements so you can achieve and protect your best interests. Before you sign an employment agreement, be sure to read this information-packed guide written by a seasoned attorney and discounted for TMA members.

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    Comprehensive Guide
  • Almost $1 Million Awarded to Develop Residency Programs

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    Four Texas medical schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations received about $250,000 each to develop new first-year graduate medical education (GME) programs in the state.

    Read the Details Here  
  • Staggering Student Debt Is Shaping How the Newest Physicians Approach Medicine

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    Increasingly for new physicians,  debt hangs over everything in their lives ― their personal decisions about kids and marriage, their choice of specialty, their ability to set up a practice. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) says that 76 percent of all medical school graduates have education debt and that the average debt is $190,000 per person.

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  • Who me? A resident? I need a professional association? You bet!