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  • Legislative Top 10: Law Gives Liability Protections to Physicians Who Respond to Disasters

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    Today’s Texas Medical Association Legislative Hotline video examines Senate Bill 752, which will allow physicians and health care providers to voluntarily respond to disasters without fear of medical liability.

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  • Legislative Hotline: Done and Gone; Lawmakers Finish Overall Good Session for Medicine

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    Monday was the final day of the 86th Legislative session, when the House and Senate gaveled out sine die, which essentially means without a day specified for future meetings. Here is a list of bills important to medicine that made it across the finish line during the closing weekend and will either head to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for signature or that he’s already signed.

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  • Legislative Hotline Video: What’s Missing From Texas’ Draft Budget?

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    Lawmakers released their two-year spending plan for 2020-21 this week, but TMA Immediate Past President Doug Curran, MD, says one item that’s not included was greatly needed: A pay hike for doctors who care for Medicaid patients

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  • Texas Physicians Fight End-of-Life Bill With Passion

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    When TMA urged members to ask their state senators to vote “no” on a key bill regarding treatment disputes at the end of life, they didn’t hold back. Hundreds of Texas physicians took up the call, using TMA’s Grassroots Action enter to share very personal and passionate messages with their senators.

    Read Some of the Physicians Shared Personal Stories  
  • Legislative Video Hotline: Good News on Maternal Health, Cancer, Liability, and More

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    With just 17 days until sine die, the Texas House of Representatives’ deadlines yesterday and today mean death to lots of legislation, good and bad. This week’s TMA Legislative Hotline video also provides a rapid-fire summary of recent days’ movement on several TMA priority bills and news of a record for TMA grassroots advocacy.

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  • Medicine's Recommendations on House Bill 1, 2020-21 Texas State Budget?

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    As much as we value investing in the state’s public education system, we also keenly support boosting the health and well-being of Texans. Education and health care are different sides of the same coin. One without the other will not lead to lasting prosperity for our patients and communities, or for the state.

    Capitol Matters  

  • TMA Pushes for Prior Authorization Limits, Clarity

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    After hearing story after story of delays and denials, the Texas Medical Association is pushing the Texas Legislature to sign off on measures that would significantly curb insurers’ ability to require prior authorization on needed care, as well as clarify for both physicians and patients what it means when prior authorization is required.

    Enough of the Roadblocks, Hassles, and Delays in Care  
  • Mid-Session Checkup

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    More than halfway into the 86th Texas Legislature, scope of practice and maternal health take center stage. Check out Texas Medicine's Bill Watch on these issues, brush up on TMA's overall Healthy Vision priorities, and get an inside look at First Tuesdays at the Capitol.

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  • Help TMA Fight Independent Practice For APRNs

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    Please contact your state lawmakers today through the new TMA Grassroots Action Center. Let them know you support physician-led, team-based care. Tell them how much you learned in your years of medical school, residency, and beyond. Tell them why APRNs are NOT the answer to Texas’ physician shortage. Ask them to say “No” to the APRNs and to help the Texas Medical Association stop them.

    Stop APRN Scope Expansion.
    It's a Bad Idea.
  • Action Alerts

    Respond to Action Alerts. Some bills will be particularly important to TMA, and we request your assistance in either supporting or opposing those bills. Through our Grassroots Action Center and mobile app, VoterVoice, you’ll be able to respond on the fly, sending a message directly to your legislator.

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  • Senate All Ayes on Children’s Mental Health Bill

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    With a unified voice and a unanimous vote, the Senate passed a bill this week designed to identify children with mental-health needs and direct them to appropriate, timely treatment.

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  • Bypassing the Middle Man: Should Texas Allow Physician Dispensing?

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    Just four states generally don’t allow medication dispensing out of a physician’s office. Texas is one of them.

    Support From Medicine
    and Business
  • Healthy Vision 2025 Calls for Teamwork, not Scope Expansion

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    The sentence has appeared in every edition of the Texas Medical Association’s Healthy Vision series since the first Healthy Vision 2010 was published 14 years ago: “TMA opposes any efforts to expand any health professionals’ scope of practice beyond what is safely permitted by their education, training, and skills.” That focus on safety remains an integral part of Healthy Vision 2025, published last week. And that sentence remains, verbatim..

    Stop Scope of Practice Intrusion  
  • Healthy Vision 2025 Provides Medicaid, Uninsured Fixes

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    The combination of the country’s highest uninsured rate and a stressed Medicaid program threaten not only the health of millions of Texans, but also the health of the economy, Texas Medical Association President Doug Curran, MD, says.

    Make It Easier for Every Texan to See a Doctor  
  • Senate Health Chair Says She’ll Work For Medicaid Pay Bump

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    The Texas Medical Association is pushing for the state legislature to grant physicians a long-overdue pay bump for seeing Medicaid patients. But that effort will require a serious financial commitment, the new chair of the Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee told physicians at TMA’s Winter Conference.

    Medicaid Pay Increase on TMA’s Legislative Agenda  
  • Healthy Vision 2025

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    The 2019 Texas Legislature is now in session — and TMA is ready to fight for medicine. See our plan to help Texas physicians put the health back into health care. 

    See TMA's Legislative Priorities for the 2019 Session   
  • On Call at the Capitol

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    The faces at the Capitol change. The legislative flashpoints and fights come and go. But every two years, the House of Medicine’s commitment remains the same: Persuade legislators to improve Texas laws for physicians and patients.

    TMA's 2019 Legislative Agenda - At a Glance

    TMA's 2019 Legislative Agenda - At a Glance  

    TMA's 2019 Legislative Agenda - In-Depth  

  • 2019 First Tuesdays


    Our senators and representatives listen when their hometown doctors appear in their offices. Our influence is so much greater when physicians and alliance members arrive en masse in the House and Senate galleries. It's time again to bring out Texas medicine's strongest weapon.

    Join us during the 86th Texas Legislature on 
    May 7, 2019.

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  • Physician-Lawmakers Outline Priorities for 2019 Legislature

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    Speaking at the Texas Medical Association’s Advocacy Retreat on Saturday, state Reps. John Zerwas, MD (R-Richmond), and Tom Oliverson, MD (R-Cypress), both anesthesiologists, said many of the issues that medicine has long fought for will be up for debate again when the 86th Texas Legislature kicks off Jan. 8.

    Issues That Medicine Fought for Will be Up for Debate Again  
  • Specialties List Scope, Balance Billing Among Top Targets for 2019

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    “Remember the old saying: If we’re not at the table, we’re on the menu.”

    That was the warning C.M. Schade, MD, past president of the Texas Pain Society, delivered as he finished listing the society’s priorities for the 2019 Texas Legislature during the Texas Medical Association’s annual Advocacy Retreat on Saturday morning at the Renaissance Austin.

    The Biggest Challenges for the House of Medicine  
  • Learn How TMA Will Work for Rural Physicians at the Capitol

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    The 2019 Texas legislative session will kick off in January, and as always the Texas Medical Association will work with lawmakers to champion medicine and protect the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship.

    What Will That Mean for Rural Physicians Like You?  
  • Family of Medicine Grows in Texas Legislature

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    Dallas attorney whose wife is a gastroenterologist brings to eight the number of Family of Medicine members who will serve in the Texas Legislature next year. Democrat Julie Johnson joins seven TMA-member physicians who will return to the Texas Senate and House in 2019.

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  • Doctors, Insurers, Hospitals Meet to Set Priorities for Strengthening Medicaid Managed Care

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    As the future of Texas Medicaid promises to be a central topic of discussion in the 86th Texas Legislature, leaders from three pillars of the Texas health care system gathered in Austin on Oct. 12 for a first-ever summit to identify and commit to working on shared priorities for strengthening the program.

    Key Players Outline Plans to Strengthen Medicaid  
  • Legislators: MAT Presents Challenges in Opioid Battle

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    Medication-assisted treatment is an expensive piece of the opioid solution, Texas lawmakers at the state and federal level explained at the Texas Medical Association’s 2018 Fall Conference on Saturday.

    Are Medications Best Way to Fight Opioids Crisis?  
  • Immediate Past President of TMA Touts House of Delegates’ Political Strength

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    The 152nd Annual Session of the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates opened in San Antonio this morning with outgoing TMA President Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, reminding delegates of their ability to effect important health care change.

    The Power of the House  
  • Quicker Physician Exams of Foster Children Could Save Young Lives

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    Texas children suddenly thrust into the state’s foster care system will receive a necessary health check by a physician sooner, potentially addressing life-threatening issues.

    Foster Children Exams Are a Matter of Life or Death  
  • TMA Pushing Legislators on 2019 Issues

    Maternal and prenatal care, Medicaid hassles, GME funding, and behavioral health and substance abuse are among the topics TMA wants state lawmakers to begin studying now, to get ready for the legislative session that convenes in January 2019. Even thought that's still a long way off, we've found that in-depth studies during the interim are the best ways to get good results on complex issues.

    What Homework Did TMA Assign to Lawmakers?  

  • Medicine Defends Friends in Party Primaries and Wins Big

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    Across the state yesterday, TEXPAC-backed candidates beat back well-funded attacks from outside their districts to win their parties’ nomination for re-election. The results of Tuesday’s party primary elections once again prove that all politics is local.

    Primary Election Results  
  • Abbott to DC: End Moratorium on Physician-Owned Hospitals

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    Gov. Greg Abbott weighed in recently on the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) moratorium on physician-owned hospitals, telling Texas’ Republican lawmakers in Washington to support legislation to repeal those restrictions.

    What Did the Governor Say?  
  • 85th Texas Legislative Wins

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    During the regular 85th Texas Legislative session, TMA remained steadfast in championing medicine’s priorities and the health of all Texans. Read TMA's regular session summary.

    How did TMA do it? The key is strong grassroots advocacy, which has been the main pillar in our history of legislative success. With 50,000 members strong, TMA is more tenacious than ever in the fight for physicians and their patients. See how our strength in numbers led to key wins for physicians in this infographic.
    Infographic: Strength in Numbers

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