• Latest Legislative News

    • Physicians to Legislators: Keep Driver Responsibility Program
      We strongly urge the preservation of the Driver Responsibility Program.  The funds from the Driver Responsibility Program help ensure that a strong trauma system exists in the state.    During a time of lean state budgets, eliminating a program that produces millions in revenue for the state would be short-sighted and could put the state’s trauma system in jeopardy.
    • Investing in Mental Health Services Beneficial, Cost-Effective
      Texas’ population is rapidly growing, thereby putting considerable strain on mental health and substance abuse systems already struggling to keep pace. Texas continues to lag far behind almost all other states in spending per person for mental health care, averaging less than $41 for every resident.  As you well know, inadequate state funding puts a financial burden on local resources, and often leads to increased rates of incarceration, and higher use of public hospital emergency departments, homeless shelters, and the foster care system.  
    • Healthy Aging Needs a Strong Public and Community Health System
      TMA, representing more than 48,000 physicians and medical students, appreciates the opportunity to submit our written comments on the charge to this committee — to study the economic and social impact of aging Texans, including a review of state services and programs, and their effectiveness in addressing the increased demands of aging Texans. We believe meeting the needs of this growing population of Texans is a significant public health challenge for our state, and TMA’s members recognize our role in working with you to find solutions.
    • Seizing Opportunity
      TMA, the Texas Hospital Association, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and Teaching Hospitals of Texas hosted a forum to help hospitals, medical schools, and others take advantage of $53 million in grant money lawmakers authorized to create and sustain hundreds of new residency training slots.
    • Message Received
      Thanks to advocacy by TMA's Medicaid Congress and cooperation from new Medicaid leadership, relief from Medicaid's administrative roadblocks may finally be in sight. In October, Texas Medicaid officials asked for input when they met at TMA with physicians from diverse specialties and geographic regions across Texas. They got it in the form of more than a dozen recommendations for reforms researched and developed by the Medicaid Congress. And they are paying attention to them.
    • Effective Sept. 1: Lower Taxes, Greater Plan Accountability, More
      This legislative session, TMA fought tirelessly to ensure physicians can continue to give their patients the best care possible. Several TMA-backed bills become law today.
    • It All Adds Up: Big Wins for You and Your Patients
      Grassroots efforts work! Here’s how Texas medicine prevails when TMA physicians, residents, medical students, county medical societies, and alliance members work together.
    • Capitol Success
      This legislative session, medicine resolved to ensure physicians can give their patients the best care possible. The hard work paid off in significant victories that largely build on the Texas Medical Association's 2013 legislative successes.
    • Youth Safeguards, Budget Boons
      The Texas Medical Association, the Texas Public Health Coalition, and diligent physicians earned significant public health victories during the Texas Legislature's 2015 session in their drive to reduce tobacco and electronic cigarette use and to protect schoolchildren at risk for anaphylaxis.