J.T. “Lamar” McNew Award


In 2002, the Texas Medical Association Resident and Fellow Section created the J.T. "Lamar" McNew Award to recognize and honor Dr. McNew's dedication to residents and fellows. Dr. McNew, a Texas Medical Association member, is a role model for medical students, residents, young physicians and his colleagues in the finest Osleran tradition, in addition, to serving as a guiding influence in developing the internal moral core essentials for the practice of medicine.

The McNew Award nominees should be Texas Medical Association (TMA) member physicians who have provided outstanding service to the Resident and Fellow Section.

Award Winners

“In Recognition of the Guidance and Support Given to the Texas Medical Association Resident and Fellow Section” 

2003 – Nancy W. Dickey, MD

2004 – Edgar L. Cortes, MD

2005 – Kenneth L. Matthews, MD

2006 – Robert W. McKenna, MD

2007 – Alice Kim Gong, MD

2008 – William R. Sullivan, MD

2009 – Stephen L. Brotherton, MD

2010 – Kyle Morrow, MD

2011 – Kyle Morrow, MD

2012 – Jackson Griggs, MD

2013 – Troy Fiesinger, MD

2014 – Arlo Weltge, MD

2015 – David F. Jimenez, MD, FACS

2016 – Martin Colman, MD

2017 – No Recipient

2018 – Kevin McKinney, MD

2019 – Behrang Amini, MD

2020 – Khoa V. Pham, MD

2022 – Bradley Lega, MD

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May 05, 2022

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May 05, 2022