Running Your County Medical Society

Find the information and resources you need to manage a successful county medical society. 

County Medical Society Playbook: Your Guide to Running a Strong Society (PDF)
 Individual Chapters:
I.     County Medical Society Function and Requirements
II.    Resources for County Medical Societies 
III.   County Medical Society Finances
IV.   Membership Application Information
V.    Membership Dues 
VI.  Applications    

TMA Governance
TMA Constitution and Bylaws 
TMA House of Delegates (PDF)
How to Write a Resolution (PDF)
What's Our Policy?
TMA Organizational Chart
TMA Board, Council and Committee Chairs
Chair Manual (PDF)
TMA Staff Contacts
Top Ten Recruitment & Retention Strategies
TMA Demographic Policy
Incorporation and Tax-Exempt Status for County Medical Societies
Lobbying and Political Activities of Nonprofit Organizations

Office of the General Counsel:
CMS Memo Re: Hearings Procedure Manual, TMA Model CMS Bylaws, and Current Opinions of the TMA Board of Councilors
Hearings Procedure Manual
TMA Board of Councilors Current Opinions
TMA Model Bylaws for County Medical Societies  
Incorporation and Tax-Exempt Status for County Medical Societies 

Report Your Officers and Delegates to TMA's HOD:
County Officer and Delegate Reporting Form  

Reports and Information:

TMA Slides on Personas and Engagement Scoring 



Nominate Physicians for TMA Boards, Councils, and Committees: 
Call for BCC Nominations letter
Nomination Form

TMA House of Delegates (Policy and Your Role): 
TMA House of Delegates (PDF) 
Understanding action reports, resolutions, and how the house functions  
Visual graphic of voting positions in the House of Delegates 
The Speakers' New Member Orientation Presentation

Graphic Design and Marketing: 
What Makes a Good Logo
How To Design a Logo
Why Logo Design Is Not $5.00
Logo Design Process 
TMA Printing and Mailing Services (PDF)
TMA Marketing Presentation for CMS

Running Successful Meetings:
How to Have a Successful Meeting
How to Run a Successful Meeting
Leadership Guidance (PDF)
TMA's Leadership College 
TMA Ambassador Program - Free CME from TMA for your county medical society meeting or event. Schedule a presentation for your county medical society.

Utilizing Your Website:
An empty or outdated website is a missed opportunity to promote your county medical society. TMA recommends always including:

A Welcome statement
Calendar of events
Current officers and contact information
Executive staff contact information (including both a phone number and email address)
A link to the TMA website
A link to join TMA 
A link to TMA's Find a Physician

TMA can help post this content on your county medical society website; just send us your information! Contact Trent Wycoff at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1442 or trent.wycoff[at]texmed[dot]org.

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June 04, 2019