Hard Hats for Little Heads: Planning Your Event

TMA recommends you start planning your event at least two months in advance to ensure ample time for delivery of helmets and materials.

To request an order packet, email Tammy Wishard or call (512) 370-1470.

Planning Your Event

  • Event Checklist: Follow this step-by-step guide to plan your event.
  • Select a venue that suits your community. Here are some winning ideas for events: a. Secure a booth at a local health/safety fair or community festival.
    • Work with a local school, youth organization, or church. 
    • Give helmets at well-checks in a physician’s office or clinic. Or at an open house for a new clinic or location. 
    • Provide helmets to pair with bikes being given at a holiday toy giveaway.  Collaborate with your local H-E-B grocer. H-E-B stores with pharmacies welcome Hard Hats for Little Heads giveaways in connection with their monthly Second Saturday health screenings. Contact TMA to get started.   
  •  Helmet Sizing Chart (PDF): Ensure you order the correct helmet sizes for your audience and fit them correctly.

Promoting Your Event

TMA provides customizable materials to promote your event. If you wish to create your own materials, TMA must approve them to ensure the Hard Hats for Little Heads program is properly credited. 

  • Event Promotional Flyers: Post these customized flyers in locations your target audience might frequent. 
  • Event Promotional Mail Inserts: Include these customized event inserts in mailings. 
  • Guidelines for Recognizing Program Donors: Use this guide to correctly credit Hard Hats program funders in promotional materials and at your event.
  •  Specialty Society Guidelines to Recognize Hard Hats for Little Heads Program Donors – created specifically for events hosted by family physicians, and members of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians (TCEP), Texas Neurological Society (TNS), and Texas Pediatric Society (TPS). Use this guide to ensure proper credit is given to program donors and event sponsors.  
  • Involve your legislator: Hard Hats for Little Heads events are a great way to show state legislators how physicians, medical students, and alliance members are giving back to their communities — and putting prevention into action. Invite your state legislators to your event so they can see firsthand how TMA Family members works to improve the health of their community. Here’s a sample invitation letter.

Day-of-Event Items

  • TMA Donor Recognition Poster (English and Spanish): Post at events to credit TMA for its free helmet contribution.
  • Photo Release Form (English and Spanish): Taking photos at your event is important. TMA can use these in Hard Hats materials, or you can post them on social media or in publications. Use this form to get parents’ permission to photograph a child. Without this form, a photograph cannot be reprinted.

Event Merchandise

  • Drawstring backpack : Order backpacks for children to carry home their helmet or use when they ride. Costs: $50 for 50 or $100 for 75.
  • Red blinking light with clip attachment. Costs: $50 for 50 or $100 for 75
  • T-shirt
  •  Pledge sheet (English and Spanish): Kids “pledge” to wear their helmets every time they ride.
  • Coloring and activity pages: Entertain children while they wait to be fitted for a helmet.
  • Healthy habits stickers: Help promote healthy habits to kids at your events: helmet use, physical activity, healthy eating, and hand washing. Up to 100 sticker strips at no cost. Additional sets of 100 are $5 each. 

Educational Materials 
TMA recommends at least one educational piece go with each helmet. All materials are in English and Spanish.

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March 28, 2023

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December 05, 2012

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