Hard Hats for Little Heads

  • Safe Helmet Giveaways Encouraged

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    With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, TMA supports physicians giving helmets during office visits or through other safe means. As more Texans get vaccinated in the coming months, TMA encourages event hosts to seek out local events/opportunities in the fall and during the holidays to safely give helmets.

  • See What Can Happen If You Don’t Wear a Helmet

    In bike crashes, head injury causes more deaths and serious disability than any other injury. Wearing a bicycle helmet that fits properly can prevent nearly all head injuries. Watch how a helmet protects your head (or, in this case, a melon) in this new TMA video.

  • All About Hard Hats for Little Heads

    What is Hard Hats for Little Heads?

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    Hard Hats for Little Heads bicycle helmet giveaway program was created to help reduce head injury among Texas children. A properly fitting helmet can prevent almost all head injuries — up to 85 percent — the most common cause of disability or death in a bicycle crash. Since 1994, TMA has given away more than 350,000 helmets to Texas children.

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  • Hard Hats FAQs

    Everything you need to know about Hard Hats for Little Heads.


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    Event Toolkit

    TMA recommends you start planning your event at least a month in advance to ensure time for delivery of helmets and materials.

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  • Thank You

    Hard Hats for Little Heads is funded in 2022 with a grant from the TMA Foundation with major support from an anonymous TMA/TMAA member donor couple and gifts from physicians and their families. Special thanks to Chris DeGioanni and Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

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