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TMA is your source for information. From authoritative publications and a dynamic Web site to informative CME and practice management seminars, TMA has the answers you need. You can call TMA Knowledge Center and speak to information specialists.

Education and Quality

Information Tailored for Texas Physicians

  •  Up-to-the minute web site at, with breaking news and exclusive members-only access to articles and tools.
  •  TMA Knowledge Center, offering rapid access to TMA's accumulated expertise in health care, health law, legal information, practice management, medical economics, and public health.
  •   Texas Medicine, a monthly newsmagazine on relevant public health, medicolegal, medical economic, science, medical education, and legislative affairs.
  •  E-newsletters, including Action, a monthly publication containing timely information about legal, economic, regulatory, and legislative affairs that Texas physicians need to know, and niche newsletters tailored for member segments such as rural and academic physicians.
  • Clinical reference services; free, online access to MD Consult, Stat!Red, and Ebsco databases of full-text journals on health and business information; and core collections of textbooks, journals, and archives.
  • Online Hot Topics bibliographies and Web site links to current medical topics such as professional liability, HIPAA, electronic health records, bioterrorism, cancer, and more.

  Help When You Need It

  • Health and rehabilitation services that help physicians develop healthy lifestyles that avoid alcohol and other drug abuse and seek early care for themselves and colleagues when needed.
  • Physician Benevolent Fund, providing financial assistance to physicians and their families who experience personal disaster.

Advancing Public Health

  • Public health alerts are sent to members on diseases such as SARS, influenza, and West Nile virus.
  • Public health advocacy offered on border healthobesity/diabeteschildren's mental health, immunizations, and infectious disease control.
  • Policy, education, and advocacy initiatives to enhance quality of health care for patients while reducing clinical errors.
  • Ability to mobilize physicians quickly to aid victims in the event of natural or other disasters.
  • Initiatives to prepare for, recognize, and treat a bioterrorism attack.

  Health and Science Inititatives for Communities

  • Be Wise - Immunize, a program to increase physician and patient awareness of the need for immunizations throughoutall stages of life.
  • Hard Hats for Little Heads, a year-round bicycle helmet donation program created to help Texas physicians prevent head injuries in their communities.
  • Doctors. Saving Lives, is a patient safety campaign to further educate physicians about effective patient safety strategies to ensure that patients receive high quality health care in all settings.
  • TMA Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching, which recognize outstanding science teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools.
  • TMA Minority Scholarship Program, award scholarships for qualifying students.

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April 20, 2018

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