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The Leadership Issue: Meet TMA's incoming President Linda Villarreal, MD, who has big goals for restoring a personalized touch to the medical profession. Plus, learn about how other TMA physician leaders are advocating on payment, LGBTQ health, school health advisory committees, and more.

From the Valley to the Top: Incoming TMA President E. Linda Villarreal, MD, has pursued medicine – and the betterment of the profession – through every conceivable end and repeated personal trials.

Fite's Points of Pride: Outgoing TMA President Diana L. Fite, MD's COVID-plagued presidency did not stop her from accomplishing important goals.

LGBTQ Health: TMA’s newest section helps Texas physicians treat a widely misunderstood population.

RUC-Solid Leadership: San Antonio radiologist Zeke Silva, MD, looks to move Medicare payments into the future as chair of a key AMA committee.

The ABCs of Health: Physician leadership on school health advisory councils, or SHACs, can improve local policies.


A Healthy Knowledge: The more literate patients are about health matters, the easier it is for physicians to treat them.

Longer Coverage, Longer Lives: TMA urges Texas to keep pregnant women on Medicaid 12 months postpartum following federal enticement in COVID-19 relief bill.

Talk to Patients About: Vaccines and additives

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04 Commentary: Talking through vaccine hesitancy
08 History of Medicine: UT Austin’s brain collection
12 Rounds
48 #TMAMemberMonday



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