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The Leadership Issue 

Straight Shooter: Incoming TMA President Ray Callas, MD's 26 years of experience as a member have prepared him to lead the association at a time when Texas physicians face economic challenges and when the state simultaneously faces a record influx of new physicians amid a workforce shortage. By Emma Freer

Still Beating: Outgoing TMA President Rick Snyder, MD’s tenure saw increased discussion on how to defend practice viability in every setting. And he has no plans to halt his involvement in organized medicine any time soon. By Alisa Pierce

Lifelong Leadership: TMA debuts its newest leadership development program for physicians at every career stage. By Emma Freer

All One Family: The TMA Alliance’s outgoing and incoming presidents share their passion for building and bonding the Family of Medicine. By Patrick McDaid

Other News

Practice management: Speaking Their Language
TMA’s Physician Payment Resources Center communicates with payers on behalf of physicians’ best interests. By Alisa Pierce

Public health: Data-Driven Interventions
TMA zeroes in on physicians’ obstacles to quality opioid care. By Hannah Wisterman

Profile: An Unfailing Voice for Medicine
TMA honors Houston trauma surgeon Kenneth Mattox, MD, for his dedication to public health. By Patrick McDaid

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Membership: Cultivating healthy communities
Special coverage: Leadership Summit
Rounds, Deaths

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Medical terminology is based on usage of MeSH, the National Library of Medicine's Medical Subject Headings, which are used in Index Medicus. If a term does not appear in MeSH, then the author's usage or common usage is preferred.

Each index consists of three parts: the subject index, the author index, and the index of deaths.

Texas Medicine, Volume 116, 2020

Subject, Author, Deaths

Texas Medicine, Volume 115, 2019

Subject, Author, Deaths

Texas Medicine, Volume 114, 2018

Subject, Author, Deaths  

Texas Medicine, Volume 113, 2017

Subject, Author, Deaths

Texas Medicine, Volume 112, 2016

Subject, Author, Deaths

Texas Medicine, Volume 111, 2015


Texas Medicine, Volume 110, 2014

Subject, Author, Deaths

Texas Medicine, Volume 109, 2013  


Texas Medicine, Volume 108, 2012  

Subject, Author, Deaths  

 Texas Medicine, Volume 107, 2011

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 106, 2010

 Subject, Author, Deaths  

 Texas Medicine, Volume 105, 2009

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 104, 2008

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 103, 2007

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 102, 2006

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 101, 2005

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 100, 2004

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 99, 2003

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 98, 2002

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 97, 2001

 Subject, Author, Deaths

 Texas Medicine, Volume 96, 2000

 Subject, Author, Deaths

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