• COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

    Get the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines including legal papers for physicians, clinical guidance, and fact sheets on the administration and operation of vaccine clinics.

    COVID-19 Vaccine Information

    Immunization Requirements and Laws

    Get the latest information on immunization schedules, vaccination requirements and resources for health care providers provided by the State of Texas and Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

    Immunization Requirements
  • ACIP Flu Guidelines: Vaccinate Young Children as Soon as Possible

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    When it comes to preventing influenza, particularly in the middle of a pandemic, the key takeaway among this year’s recommendations from the federal Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) involves vaccines and timing, says Alan Howell, MD, an infectious disease specialist in Temple and a member of the Texas Medical Association’s Committee on Infectious Diseases.

    Download the Recommendations  
  • TMA Articles

    Read TMA's coverage of the coronavirus, immunizations and infectious diseases.

    Immunization News

    Coronavirus News

    Infectious Diseases

    Federal Grants Boost Vaccine Confidence in Rural Texas

    A federal grant program funded by the American Rescue Plan is handing out funds to more than 140 Texas rural clinic sites.

    $7 Million in Funds
  • Why Vaccine Opponents Think They Know More Than Medical Experts

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    One of the most contentious areas of health policy over the past two decades has been the safety of vaccination. Vaccines prevent the outbreak of diseases that used to be widespread. Yet many Americans refuse or delay the vaccination of their children out of fear that it could lead to autism, even though scientific consensus refutes this claim.

    Knowing Less, Presuming More  
  • Talk to Patients About: Vaccine vs. Natural Immunity

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    When enough people are vaccinated, lethal diseases cannot spread and reach people who might be vulnerable – a phenomenon called community immunity. Anti-vaccine arguments are designed to downplay how risky diseases can be. 

    Vaccines Are All About Reducing the Risk of Getting a Disease  
  • Education Board OKs Curriculum Standards on HPV Vaccines

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    The State Board of Education has approved health education standards that would require public schools to teach the importance of human papillomavirus vaccines beginning in seventh grade.

    HPV Vaccine Standards
    Approved by Ed Board

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