• TMA's Healthy Vision for Immunizations

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    Vaccinations are one of the safest and most cost-effective ways to prevent infectious diseases. While Texas has worked to vaccinate more young children, coverage rates for this age group are not improving in Texas or the United States. In fact, overall rates may actually be declining. Much of this is due to parental decisions not to vaccinate their children, exposing entire communities to potential outbreaks.

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  • HPV Vaccination Trims Infection Rate

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    A new study shows a vaccination is helping children and young women avoid a common cancer-causing virus. The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, when given to preteens and young adults, can help prevent them from getting cancer years later.

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  • Flu Shot Could Prevent a Heart Attack

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    The flu vaccine protects against more than just influenza ― it also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by about one-third, according to studies published by the British Medical Journal Heart and the Journal of the American Medical Association. This past February during American Heart Month, Texas physicians urged everyone who hadn’t yet received an annual flu shot to get vaccinated.

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  • TMA Policy on Immunizations

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    TMA supports efforts to increase immunization rates in Texas, including improve the state’s current immunization tracking system, ImmTrac; improving immunization education efforts for providers and parents; addressing public and private vaccine financing issues; and addressing vaccine shortages.

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