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  • COVID-19 Resources, All in One Place

    As more reports come in on the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, TMA has convened a task force of public health experts to help Texas physicians prepare for the next phase. We’ve started by compiling all the news and information you need right now on our online resource center. Bookmark that page as we will update it continually.

    COVID-19 Resource Center

  • Governor Extends Non-Emergent Surgery Suspension in Texas

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    Gov. Greg Abbott today reauthorized non-emergent elective surgeries at hospitals and allowed nursing homes to reopen for visitations under certain conditions across the majority of Texas.

    Non-Elective Surgery
    Restrictions Loosened
  • TMA Releases Tools to Navigate School Reopening

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    Led by its School Reopening Workgroup, the Texas Medical Association is offering schools and physicians tools to mitigate risk for COVID-19 spread as classes resume across the state.

    Read the Guide Detailing the COVID-19 Control Plan  
  • Urge Texans to Get Flu Vaccine Early, Officials Say

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    With flu season on the horizon – and the COVID-19 pandemic expected to continue – Texas physicians should strongly encourage patients to receive a flu vaccination as early as possible.

    Get and Give Flu Vaccine Early  
  • “How Many More Are Coming?” What It’s Like Inside Hospitals as Coronavirus Grips Texas’ Rio Grande Valley

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    At midnight in South Texas, nearly every bed is full in a low-slung building housing some of the sickest COVID-19 patients near the U.S.-Mexico border.

    COVID-19 Cases
    Are Rapidly Rising
  • Governor Mandates Face Masks in Public Spaces in Most Texas Counties

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    Texans in counties with 20 or more positive COVID-19 cases will be required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth in public spaces, with some exceptions, Gov. Greg Abbott recently ordered.

    What are the Requirements
    and the Exceptions?
  • Cases Up, Deaths Down; What’s Going On With COVID-19 in Texas?

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    Physicians get asked about COVID-19 all the time, and many questions are tough to answer, particularly because so many things about the disease are still unknown.

    Why Are Texas COVID-19 Cases Up, Deaths Down?  
  • Texas Hospitals Can Meet COVID-19 Needs, Governor Says

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    Texas has abundant hospital capacity to treat COVID-19 patients now and in the coming months, Gov. Greg Abbott said today. According to state health officials, 2,518 confirmed COVID-19 patients are currently in Texas’ hospitals. There are almost 15,000 hospital beds and 1,675 intensive care beds available, state figures show.

    Take These Precautions to Help Prevent the Spread of the Disease  
  • Coping with Crisis


    Part of Texas Medicine’s ongoing coverage of COVID-19, this issue looks back at how the physician community learned to cope with the largest pandemic in recent history. Whether on the front lines fearing bringing the illness home or dealing with shortages of personal protective equipment, or on the sidelines worried about closing their office doors or the future of their medical education, few physicians and medical students were spared the emotional toll.

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    Texas Medicine
  • PPE Is Coming

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    Thanks to extensive collaboration among TMA, county medical societies, and a host of other associations and state agencies, supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) will soon be flowing to community physicians and other health care professionals who’ve gone without through the COVID-19 outbreak.

    Find Out When  
  • Listen to the Latest Guidance on Infection Control for Your Practice

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    If you’re seeking more information on keeping your practice, staff, and patients safe while treating COVID-19 cases, the Texas Medical Association COVID-19 Task Force has created a podcast version of its frequently asked questions (FAQ) on Infection Prevention and Control.

    Tips and Suggestions About How to Minimize Exposure  
  • Talk to Patients About: How Vaccines Work

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    “What continues to amaze me is that people are really not educated about [vaccines],” said Trish Perl, MD, chief of the infectious diseases division at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. “Some of [vaccine hesitancy] has been propagated by the anti-vaxxers, but some of it is just frankly not knowing.”

    How Does a Vaccine
    Protect Against Disease?
  • Can Practices Require Employees to Get a Flu Shot?

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    It may seem like the sensible thing to do, but no, you can’t make everyone in your practice get a flu shot.

    What If Your Employee Opts Out?  
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) - Congenital Infection

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    Have you talked with your pregnant patients about congenital CMV? TMA Members of the Committee on Infectious Disease and the Committee on Reproductive, Women’s, and Perinatal Health have developed a flyer with key messages and resources for additional information to help you.

    What Is Cytomegalovirus and How Is It Transmitted?  
  • Right Antibiotic, Right Dose, Right Duration, and Right Time

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    Learn more about your role in efforts to support antibiotic stewardship in your practice health care facility. Battle the resistance.

    What Can I Do?  
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