• COVID-19: Payers / Insurance

    COVID-19: Payors  

    Get TMA resources and timely information on COVID-19 issues related to commercial insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and workers' comp.


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  • TMA Alerts Physicians of Checks Binding Physician to Insurance Network Payments

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    Physicians should be aware of a practice by TRPN DirectPay whereby the out-of-state contracting entity sends checks that may be mistaken as an insurance payment, but instead attempt to have physician practices agree to a binding network participation agreement.

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  • Some Payers Resume Prior Authorization Requirements

    Prior Authorization  

    Several commercial payers have resumed prior authorization time frames and requirements that had been suspended because of the COVID-19 emergency, while others will continue to approve prior auth requests or suspend them for at least part of the year.

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  • Payer Policies for Telemedicine Services


    In the wake of COVID-19, TMA is getting calls about which payers are covering telemedicine. TMA developed this quick reference guide to help you navigate telemedicine reimbursement. This table now reflects Medicare’s waiver of the geographic and place of service restrictions for Medicare (which means patients can now be at home).

    Additionally, the Governor directed TDI to issue an emergency rule related to the payment of telemedicine to allow state-regulated plans (about 20% of the commercial market in Texas) to allow telephone and telemedicine visits to be paid at the same rate as in-office visits. If you are not sure which patients are regulated by TDI, check this guide.  Stay tuned for more detail.

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  • AMA Creates CPT Code for Coronavirus Test

    COVID-19 Code  

    The American Medical Association has created a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code, 87635, to report laboratory testing services that diagnose the presence of the novel coronavirus.

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  • Send TMA Your Prior Authorization Nightmare Stories

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    Arbitrary. Confusing. Frustrating. Never-ending. Maddening. Those are some of the terms we can actually print that describe physicians’ experience with insurance companies’ prior authorization requirements and approval processes.  

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  • Medicaid Kills Proposed Rule That Would Have Restricted Supplemental Funding, Services

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    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services on Monday withdrew a proposed rule that would’ve restricted how states fund their share of Medicaid, causing serious cuts in services.

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  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • AMA Opposes New Federal Surprise Billing Measure, Urges More Discussion

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    The American Medical Association is opposing the latest “No Surprises Act” and urging more vetting of the bill, which was agreed upon this week by key House and Senate committee leaders.TMA agrees with AMA’s assessment of the bill.

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  • TDI Fines Blue Cross $10 Million for Delays, Errors

    BCBS Fined  

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) will pay a $10 million fine for providing consumers incorrect information, delays in out-of-network claims processing, and errors in marketing materials, the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) has announced.

    As part of a TDI enforcement order, BCBSTX also will repay consumers who seek restitution.

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  • TMA's Reimbursement Review and Resolution Service  

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    TMA’s Reimbursement Review and Resolution Service (formerly known as the Hassle Factor Log program) helps you resolve insurance-related problems. TMA meets regularly with Medicare, Medicaid, health plans, and large insurers to discuss the specific problems that you bring to our attention.

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  • Nationwide Credentialing 



    Credentialing with the government and health insurance companies continues to be a complex and time-consuming management function for practices of all sizes. At Nationwide Credentialing, we work with you from start to finish on the credentialing process, which allows physicians and their staff to focus on patients and other important aspects of their practice.

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  • Insurance Articles

    You CAN Negotiate a Health Plan Contract

    Many physicians assume that attempting to negotiate a health plan contract is hopeless — but that is a myth. Survey data from TMA show that physicians’ negotiation attempts often are successful. Respondents report winning both payment and term changes in their contracts.

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  • An Insurance Company Auditor Tried to Destroy My Career

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    It didn’t matter that the charges against me were ludicrous. The potential consequences were only too real, and potentially catastrophic. Had the State Medical Board decided against me, I could have lost my license. I hired a lawyer, sinking more than $8,000 into legal fees. I was cleared by a unanimous committee vote. But other physicians facing similar situations may not be as lucky.

    Caught in the Crosshairs of an Insurance Company Auditor  
  • Help Eliminate Patients’ Insurance Confusion

    Educating patient on insurance  

    Every day, patients pay a hefty price for their health care, and many are quick to blame rising costs and climbing insurance premiums on the first person that comes to mind: usually the “well-paid physician.”

    Don’t let your patients place blame on you unfairly.

    Help Patients Navigate
    Insurance Coverage
  • TMA Insurance Trust  



    TMAIT offers medical, life, income protection, office overhead, and ancillary insurance to TMA member physicians and their group managers. We work with you online, on the phone, or in person to determine the right plan to meet your current career needs. That’s coverage you can count on. Phone: (800) 880-8181

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  • Legislative Wins on Insurance

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    TMA went into this session looking to attack insurer network inadequacy and health plans’ use of care-impeding prior authorization demands.

    On both fronts, medicine scored solid legislative wins that will make it easier for patients and physicians to know who’s in network, and provide needed transparency on preauthorization requirements. And on surprise billing, medicine turned what could’ve been a disastrous bill into something more palatable.

    Charting Medicine’s
    Statehouse Progress: Insurance
  • Texas Medical Liability Trust 



    TMLT is a unique, not-for-profit health care liability claim trust owned by its physician policyholders, and is the only professional liability carrier exclusively endorsed by the Texas Medical Association. Created in 1979, TMLT has grown to be the largest medical liability provider in the state, protecting more than 14,500 Texas physicians. Phone: (800) 580-8658

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