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  • New TMA Lawsuit Challenges Big Fee Hike in “No Surprises Act” Arbitration

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    The Texas Medical Association is challenging a 600% hike in administrative fees for seeking federal dispute resolution in No Surprises Act (NSA) situations. TMA seeks relief by filing a fourth lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas.

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  • The Unwinding: What the End of the COVID PHE Means for Continuous Medicaid Coverage

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    After nearly three years and 11 extensions, the federal public health emergency related to COVID-19 is poised to end this spring, and with it, continuous Medicaid coverage for more than 2.5 million Texans.

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  • The New Gold Rush: Texas’ prior authorization law sets a precedent for other states

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    The new TMA-backed state law that allows physicians to earn a "gold card" out of the prior authorization process is proving to be influential across the nation. Medicine's advocates in many other states are pursuing a similar law to curb the burdensome insurer practice.

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  • Deal or No Deal: Negotiating Contracts

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    Negotiating a health plan contract is one of the most important business moves an independent physician can make.

    TMA survey data from June 2018 shows that on average, 43% of responding physicians secured changes to contract terms, payments, or both.

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