• Very Few U.S. Physicians to See Medicare Bonuses This Year

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    Barely 20,000 clinicians nationwide will get bonuses of 6.6 percent to 19.9 percent per claim in their Medicare Physician Fee Schedule payments this year, according to results of the final 2018 Value-Based Payment Modifier (VM) program.

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  • Ways to Avoid a Medicare Appeal


    Novitas Solutions reports receiving 1.7 million requests per year to correct minor errors or omissions of Medicare claim information. If it took an average of only 10 minutes for medical offices to find each error and submit the correction, that’s more than 15 years of wasted office staff time!

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  • Trump Signs Executive Order on Association Health Plans: “All Any of Us Can Do Now Is Wait”

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    Texas physicians could see a flood of new insurance plans — including some to cover themselves and their employees — under President Donald Trump's executive order that directs federal agencies to design lower-cost plans outside the Affordable Care Act.

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  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • Insurance Articles

    You CAN Negotiate a Health Plan Contract

    Many physicians assume that attempting to negotiate a health plan contract is hopeless — but that is a myth. Survey data from TMA show that physicians’ negotiation attempts often are successful. Respondents report winning both payment and term changes in their contracts.

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  • Reference-Based Pricing for Procedures Presents Possibility of Savings, Plenty of Questions

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    In reference pricing, a payer or employer sets a standard, maximum price that it will pay for a specific service or procedure. Patients are responsible for any costs above the reference price.

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  • TMA's Hassle Factor Log  

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    TMA’s Hassle Factor Log® helps you resolve insurance-related problems. TMA meets regularly with Medicare, Medicaid, health plans, and large insurers to discuss the specific problems that you bring to our attention.

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  • TMA Legislative Testimonies

    Protect Physicians from Billing-Situation Burden
    Dr. James Cullington, Senate Bill 2127, May 15, 2017

    Bill Would Address Inaccurate Insurance Directories
    Dr. Ray Callas, House Bill 2760, April 4, 2017

    Step Therapy Can Be Dangerous for Patients
    Dr. Sylvia Jaramillo, Senate Bill 680, March 9, 2017

    TMA Supports Bill to Improve Balance-Bill Mediation
    Dr. Ray Calls, Senate Bill 507, March 9, 2017