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  • Public Health Emergency’s End Would Kickstart Medicaid Eligibility Re-Checks. Here’s How to Prepare

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    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services appears poised to extend the COVID-19 public health emergency (PHE) for a 10th time, which is good news for millions of Texans benefiting from continuous Medicaid coverage as a result of the PHE. Nevertheless, these patients remain at risk of losing their coverage when the PHE does end. TMA is urging physicians to prepare now for that looming coverage cliff.

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  • The New Gold Rush: Texas’ prior authorization law sets a precedent for other states

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    The new TMA-backed state law that allows physicians to earn a "gold card" out of the prior authorization process is proving to be influential across the nation. Medicine's advocates in many other states are pursuing a similar law to curb the burdensome insurer practice.

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  • Federal Memo Signals Compliance With TMA Court Win – For Now

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    Within days of TMA's Feb. 23 court victory over federal regulators, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says it’s taking steps to comply with the court’s decision on rules for the No Surprises Act. However, the case may not be over yet.

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  • Deal or No Deal: Negotiating Contracts

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    Negotiating a health plan contract is one of the most important business moves an independent physician can make.

    TMA survey data from June 2018 shows that on average, 43% of responding physicians secured changes to contract terms, payments, or both.

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    Every day, patients pay a hefty price for their health care, and many are quick to blame rising costs and climbing insurance premiums on the first person that comes to mind: usually the “well-paid physician.”

    Don’t let your patients place blame on you unfairly.

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