• A Growing Problem: Childhood Obesity Could Hamper Military Readiness

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    Childhood obesity has become so widespread in the U.S. that it threatens military readiness, but bills currently moving through the Texas Legislature could help alleviate the problem, according to a pair of state lawmakers.

    There's a Dire Need
    to Reverse This Trend
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  • Obesity Articles

    Integrating Nutrition Education in Medical Education


    At a time when obesity and diabetes are on the rise, medical schools still struggle to provide ample training in nutrition, some studies show. Texas Medicine takes a closer look at some Texas programs integrating nutrition into the curriculum.

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  • Gestational Diabetes


    Texas Medical Association policy recognizes obesity during pregnancy as a preventable health condition that poses significant risks for mothers and infants. 

    Texas Medicine looks at the role of obesity during pregnancy.

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  • TMA Promotes Healthy Activity

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    Ready to practice what you preach? TMA's Walk With a Doc program is part of a national grassroots movement devoted to encouraging healthy physical activity.

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