Human Resources Consulting Services - 01/20/2021

Would you like help with realigning staff duties, defining staff roles, streamlining work flow, and determining the most efficient staffing level for your practice? TMA Practice Consultants can help.

Practice Operations Consulting Services - 01/20/2021

Keep your practice at peak performance with these consulting services related to practice operations.

Follow These Five Tips When You Follow Up on Claims - 10/26/2020

Follow These Five Tips When You Follow Up on Claims

Practice Start-Up - 12/19/2018

Comprehensive assistance with the challenges of starting a new practice or moving an existing practice. Setup includes creation of a financial business plan, office site review, vendor and technology selection, staff recruiting, and staff training.

Practice Check-Up - 12/12/2018

An overview of practice operations and financial analyses designed for small practices (one to three physicians) that includes gross charges, gross collections, adjusted collections, and accounts receivable. This will provide a “snapshot” of your practice’s daily processes and current financial health.

MIPS Training and Assistance - 12/12/2018

TMA's practice management consultants can conduct a MACRA readiness assessment of your practice and provide customized on-site assistance to help you with your practice's specific needs. The assessment will focus on clinical processes, electronic health record optimization, and workflow improvement opportunities to help increase your MIPS scoring.

Billing and Collections: A Process, Not a Task - 04/26/2018

Revenue cycle procedures begin with efficient appointment scheduling and end with payment for billed charges. By attending carefully to each step of the revenue cycle process, you can eliminate problems that may cause your practice to lose money.

Do’s and Don’ts of Unemployment Insurance Claims and Appeals - 04/19/2018

Do’s and Don’ts of Unemployment Insurance Claims and Appeals

Three Steps to a Tech Contract You Can Live With - 04/04/2018

When you are shopping for a new technology vendor for your practice, signing a contract is the easy part. The real work starts well in advance and continues as long as the contract is in force.

Need Help Getting Paid? - 03/06/2018

The Texas Medical Association is committed to supporting Texas physicians by providing practice management information, education, and services, including help getting you paid properly and efficiently for the care you provide to patients.

Short-Term Objectives Can Help You Realize Long-Term Goals - 12/21/2016

For a medical practice to achieve its goals, it must have a financial plan. A good plan takes a long view of the practice’s success but includes short-term, achievable objectives along the way.

Take Steps to Protect Your Practice From Ransomware - 12/07/2016

Ransomware attacks have become a common threat for hospitals and physician practices throughout the United States and Texas. Ransomware can completely disable a practice by encrypting the patient data, essentially making it inaccessible until the ransom is paid. There are things you can do to protect your practice.

Custom Services - 10/25/2016

TMA Practice Consulting provides innovative solutions to meet your specific practice needs and goals. Our consultants have a full range of expertise to assist you with business operations.

Customer Service Assessment - 10/25/2016

A TMA consultant will conduct an objective analysis of a patient’s experience by “mystery shopping” your office. We evaluate the patient’s experience from the initial phone call through an on-site office visit and identify key areas of concern and areas for improvement.

Financial Oversight - 10/25/2016

Help keep your practice on track with our Financial Oversight service – an ongoing, periodic assessment of bookkeeping, billing processes, and staff competencies.

Embezzlement Risk Review - 10/25/2016

Medical practices are especially vulnerable to embezzlement because they are typically cash businesses run by a close-knit staff that the physician tends to regard as “family.” You can protect your practice by establishing a formalized system of controls for monitoring money.

Operations Assessment - 10/25/2016

A comprehensive diagnostic review of business operations including revenue cycle, financial systems, and human resources processes and procedures. Our objective is to identify opportunities for process improvement and revenue enhancement.

Focus on Member Services: Business of Medicine - 10/11/2016

Your TMA membership delivers expertise on the business of medical practice. Physician members turn to TMA for help with challenges like contract negotiation and structuring salaries, and for access to dynamic programs like the TMA Leadership College.

Focus on Member Services: Work/Life Balance - 10/11/2016

You may know TMA fights for physicians professionally with outstanding advocacy at the state and federal levels. But with your help, TMA has also provided more than $3.8 million to physicians in need and established wellness courses, travel programs, and community health initiatives that can help physicians balance work and home life.

New Rules Say You Must Address Language Barriers - 10/07/2016

Oct. 16, 2016, brings a new requirement for a sign to post on your practice walls, as well as a plan for fulfilling its promise. TMA’s new white paper has all the details about accommodating your patients with limited English proficiency.

Staff Recruitment - 06/27/2016

Personalized recruiting of qualified staff for front office, billing, clinical, and management positions. We provide assistance with job descriptions, résumé review and evaluation, reference and background checks, on-site interviews and training.

Revenue Cycle Assessment Training - 06/27/2016

A TMA consultant will provide training to assist the practice in developing policies and procedures for effective billing and collections processes.

On-site Training - 06/27/2016

This service for physicians and staff is customized for your practice’s specific needs. Discover what these hands-on training sessions cover.

Management Recruitment - 06/27/2016

In today’s complex medical environment, physicians need qualified, dependable managers and administrators to handle day-to-day practice operations.

Establish Cost Controls in Your Practice - 06/23/2016

Establish Cost Controls in Your Practice