Job Descriptions: More Than Just for Hiring

The first step in hiring for any position in your practice is to write a job description. When composing a job description, you should describe: 

  • The purpose and responsibilities of the position,
  • The daily and periodic duties of the position,
  • Lines of authority, and
  • The specific qualifications needed.

A well-written job description is more than an advertising tool. It also can: 

  • Help determine salary and benefits,
  • Serve as the basis for performance reviews and appraisals,
  • Help employees understand their role within the practice, and
  • Identify areas for staff training.

Do you need help recruiting qualified employees for your practice? TMA Practice Consulting can help your recruit the right office staff for you. Your consultant will collect job-related information, provide salary and benefit recommendations, place employments ads, conduct telephone screening, schedule and participate in interviews, check references, and initiate background checks for qualified candidates.

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Last Updated On

September 07, 2021

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010