What Is the Right Staffing Level for Your Practice?

Below are a few questions to ask yourself when evaluating your staffing requirements: 

  • How busy is your practice? Remember that each patient visit triggers phone calls, forms, claims, lab reports, and other office activity.
  • Does patient service suffer with your current staff level? Patients may receive rushed or curt service from a busy, understaffed practice. How important is it to you that your patients don't feel they are "just a number"?
  • Do staff members have specialized roles? While cross training is important, having everyone doing everything may be inefficient. A realignment of duties may be more effective and require less staff.
  • Does your practice stay on top of its receivables? Thousands of dollars in uncollected receivables often are a telltale sign of an understaffed practice.

Would you like help with realigning staff duties, defining staff roles, streamlining work flow, and determining the most efficient staffing level for your practice?  For expert advice and assistance, see TMA Practice Consulting.


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Last Updated On

June 23, 2016

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010