Follow These Five Tips When You Follow Up on Claims

As a physician, you perform a service, file an insurance claim, and get paid … sometimes. Delayed, denied, and incorrectly paid claims are, unfortunately, business as usual in todays medical practices. TMA Practice Consulting offers these tips for staying ahead of the payers.

1. If possible, assign insurance follow-up staff members to particular payers so they become familiar with those plans.  

2. Dont automatically refile denied or delayed. Follow up with a phone call first.

3. Prioritize follow-up. The goal is to bring revenue into the practice, so first work the high-dollar claims and those you can dispatch easily.

4. Implement a process for tracking and monitoring claims.

5. Remember, staff errors can serve as a training opportunity. By identifying problem areas in staff performance, you can alter procedures and establish guidelines for better operations.

Mired in unpaid claims? TMA Practice Consulting can help you streamline your insurance filing and follow-up procedures as well as other aspects of your practice operations that affect your bottom line.

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Last Updated On

October 26, 2020

Originally Published On

March 23, 2010