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Delegation of Duties - 09/18/2020

Use these resources to learn more about delegation of duties. 

Practice Financials - 08/11/2020

Get the information you need to keep your practice financials in order.

Try Out These Time-Savers - 05/13/2020

Try Out These Time-Savers

Practice E-Tips on Human Resources - 04/16/2020

E-Tips on Human Resources

Tips to Reduce No-Show Rates - 12/13/2019

No-show appointments not only have a direct impact on revenue but also can disrupt your day. Consider these suggestions as a way to decrease your rate of no-shows.

Develop a No-Show Policy — and Use It - 12/12/2019

Develop a no-show policy — and use it

Starting a Practice - 10/30/2019

Setting Up or Closing a Practice

What Are HIPAA Transaction and Code Sets Standards? - 10/29/2019

Learn about the HIPAA Transactions and Code Sets Rule that standardizes electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions for submitting, processing, and paying claims. Has your practice met the required standards?

How to Handle Patient Confrontations - 10/29/2019

Try this three-step assertive response to patients who become angry,stubborn, manipulative,and even abusive.

Are Your Patients Satisfied? Ask Them. - 10/29/2019

Are Your Ppatients Satisfied? Ask Them.

Notifying Your Patients When You Leave a Practice - 09/18/2019

I am an employed physician who is preparing to leave the large practice where I work. Am I responsible for sending letters to my patients about my move, or is the practice responsible?

Your Photocopier May Be a Security Risk - 05/30/2019

Don’t let this happen to you! A health plan recently paid a huge fine after it returned leased copiers that held protected health information.

Ten Rules for E-Mail Etiquette - 05/30/2019

Ten Rules for E-Mail Etiquette

HIPAA Security: What Risks Are Realistic for Your Practice? - 05/30/2019

Here are some of the factors practices should consider when assessing the security of their patients’ electronic protected health information.

HIPAA Security Rule: Move It to Top of Mind - 05/30/2019

Pilot audit reports suggest a good place to start your HIPAA security compliance is with a careful reading of the HIPAA Security Rule, and training.

Breach Notification Rules Get a Makeover - 05/30/2019

Rules about notifying patients when their electronic protected health information (PHI) has been breached — that is, used or disclosed impermissibly — got stronger under HIPAA, while a new state law brought some relief.

Eight Steps to a HIPAA Security Risk Analysis - 05/30/2019

Many practices have not yet conducted and documented this required HIPAA task. Follow these eight steps to complete your risk analysis.

Responsibility for Coding - 09/18/2018

Remember, physicians ultimately are responsible for choosing which code s the practice bills to insurance carriers.

Appearance Isn't Everything ... - 05/03/2018

When it comes to the physical appearance of your practice, make sure your idea of acceptable doesn’t leave a “dumpy” impression on your patients.

Private Payer Round-Up, March 2013 - 04/27/2018

In case you missed these — here is a roundup of useful items from health care payment plans’ newsletters and updates, compiled by TMA’s reimbursement specialists.

Billing and Collections: A Process, Not a Task - 04/26/2018

Revenue cycle procedures begin with efficient appointment scheduling and end with payment for billed charges. By attending carefully to each step of the revenue cycle process, you can eliminate problems that may cause your practice to lose money.

Brain Injury Awareness Month: An Outreach Opportunity - 04/23/2018

Holding a community outreach event in conjunction with an appropriate national health observance month is a good way to generate goodwill and positive buzz about your practice. Brain Injury Awareness Month in March is one such observance, and TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads program makes it easy for you to participate.

You, Too, Can Become a Web Content Expert - 04/20/2018

Wouldn’t it be great if your patients and potential patients regarded you as the go-to health authority? You can establish a reputation as such on your own practice website.

Temps Soar, So Does Power Demand - 04/20/2018

As temperatures reached record-breaking highs this summer, it's no surprise that electric rates skyrocketed. The supply portion of your electricity bill is determined by both your usage and the current market supply rate.

TMA Survey Finds Most Physicians Use Electronic Records - 04/19/2018

A newly released Texas Medical Association (TMA) survey of the state’s physicians shows nearly three-quarters of them are using an electronic health record (EHR) to capture your health information.