HIPAA and Medical Power of Attorney

Q. Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule change the way in which a person can grant another person medical power of attorney? 

A. No. Nothing in the Privacy Rule changes the way in which an individual grants another person medical power of attorney. State (or other) law regarding health care powers of attorney continues to apply.  

 Keep in mind: 

  •  A power of attorney that does not include decisions related to health care in its scope would not authorize the holder to exercise the individual’s rights under the HIPAA Privacy Rule, (as well as under state law). 
  • The Privacy Rule does not require you to treat the person with health care power of attorney as your patient’s personal representative if, in the exercise of professional judgment, you believe doing so would endanger your patient (for example, if the patient has been or may be subject to domestic violence, abuse, or neglect by the representative). 
  • The HIPAA Privacy Rule does require you to verify a personal representative’s identity and authority. 

Read more about health information privacy in the U.S. Health and Human Services’ FAQs

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Last Updated On

March 20, 2024

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February 12, 2013