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  • Advocacy and Public Policy

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    Since 1853, our passion for Texas patients and the grassroots efforts of our members - now more than 55,000 strong - have been the cornerstones of our success. TMA's work to pass statewide medical liability reforms paved the way for greater physician access, lower liability rates, and fewer frivolous lawsuits.

    Our Latest Advocacy Efforts
  • Resources for Practice Success

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    TMA offers a wealth of expert advice and practical information to help physicians and practices succeed. Use our templates and tools to address topics like telemedicine, compliance, billing and coding, insurance, and more.

    Explore Practice Help Resources
  • Free CME and Education

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    Choose from hundreds of hours of FREE CME in the TMA Education Center. Simply logon using your TMA username and password; access is also free for your staff. Courses and programming are generously sponsorsed by TMA Insurance Trust.

    120+ CME Programs
  • Technology and Your Practice

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    Successful implementation of HIT in a medical practice can improve both the quality of patient care and a practice's profitability. Use TMA's resources for HIPPA Security, EHR use, E-Prescribing, Inertoperability, and more.

    Convenient HIT Tools
  • Leadership Development Programs

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    Serve in TMA's Leadership and join programs like the TMA Leadership College to build skills, enhance your resume, boost your career and become an effective advocate for medicine in your community, across the state, and nationally.

    Be a Leader in Medicine
  • Community Outreach

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    TMA members are encouraged to participate in various TMA public health and outreach programs. Learn how you can apply for grant funding and make a difference in your community.

    Get Involved Locally
  • Member Interest Groups

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    Member interest groups can help you resolve unique challenges. Get involved. Connect with your peers as a medical student, resident, young physician, international medical graduate, or the various other special member groups.

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  • Exclusive Vendor Services

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    TMA membership provides you exclusive access to various vendor products and services; mention your membership to receive TMA-member rates and the very best service.

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  • Calculate the Value of Your TMA Membership

    TMA Membership offers a healthy return on your dues investment. Just how valuable is your membership? Use the Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to check for yourself!

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