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  • Improve Maternal and Infant Health in Texas

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    Improving birth outcomes not only enhances the lives of babies, mothers, and their families, but also can yield substantial savings, particularly to publicly financed programs such as Medicaid, which covers 53 percent of all Texas births.

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  • TMA Testifies on Women's Health Care 


    Reduce Maternal Deaths by Targeting Causes
    Senate Bill 1929, April 12, 2017

    Teen Mothers Should Have Access to Contraception
    House Bill 1373, March 29, 2017

    Complications-Report Requirement Would Invade Patient-Physician Relationship
    House Bill 2962, March 29, 2017

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  • Medicine Examines Causes for Spike in Texas' Maternal Mortality Rate

    The Texas Department of State Health Services' Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force is attempting to find out why Texas' maternal mortality rate is on the rise.

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  • Women's Health Articles

    New CDC Registry Tracks Zika Virus Pregnancy Data

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    The CDC is getting a better indication of just how many pregnant women in the United States and its territories have Zika virus. CDC established the National Zika Pregnancy Registry and is collaborating with state and local health departments to collect information about pregnancy and infant outcomes in women with laboratory evidence of Zika.

    Tracking Zika
  • TMA Committee Weighs in on Women's Health Proposals

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    TMA's Committee on Reproductive, Women's, and Perinatal Health has submitted two comment letters to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) concerning DSHS’ plans for some women’s health services.

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  • A Heavy Burden

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    The most common form of diabetes found in pregnant women is more prevalent than experts once thought, according to a new Medicaid report.

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  • TMA Testimonies and Letters on Women’s Health

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    Read recent letters and testimonies on women’s health in Texas, presented by TMA physician leaders at the state capitol.

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