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  • COVID-19 Resources, All in One Place

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    As more reports come in on the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, TMA has convened a task force of public health experts to help Texas physicians prepare for the next phase. We’ve started by compiling all the news and information you need right now on our online resource center. Bookmark that page as we will update it continually.

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  • Congress May Extend Postpartum Medicaid Coverage to 12 Months

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    Federal legislation could move Texas toward one of the Texas Medical Association’s long-time goals for improving maternal health – extending Medicaid postpartum coverage from two months to a full year.

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  • CDC: Physicians Should “Strongly Recommend” COVID Vaccine for Pregnant People

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    In light of a low COVID-19 vaccination rate among people who are pregnant, and a recent high in COVID-19-related deaths among that population, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is asking health care professionals to “strongly recommend” the vaccine to people who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or might become pregnant in the future.

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  • Medicine With a Med Student: A Deep Dive Into Women’s Health Services in Texas, Part 2

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    When it comes to health care, women have specific medical needs that require special attention, from family planning to pre- and post-menopausal care. However, a significant number of Texas women do not have health insurance to access those necessary medical services.

    Read: Medicine With a Med Student: A Deep Dive Into Women’s Health Services in Texas, Part 1

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  • New Rules Could Make It Harder to Enroll in Healthy Texas Women

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    Healthy Texas Women (HTW) has changed how it determines eligibility for low-income women who use the program, which could put a greater burden on physicians and other health care professionals who help patients get and stay with these services.

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  • TMA Maternal Health Congress

    The Council on Science and Public Health and the Committee on Reproductive, Women’s, and Perinatal Health are joining with the Council on Legislation, and the Select Committee on Medicaid, CHIP, and the Uninsured to convene the Maternal Health Congress on Saturday, March 24, 2018, at TMA. Recognizing the complex social, medical, economic, and public health issues associated with poor maternal health, TMA President Carlos J. Cardenas formed this physician-led congress to build a legislative platform on maternal health in time for the 86th legislative session. Invited TMA members and health care organizations will begin the day with presentations on key topics related to maternal health and then convene for a working lunch and reference committee hearing.

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