Affordable Care Act

  • Private Health Plans Must Cover Women’s Obesity Counseling, Other Preventive Services

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    Starting next year, private health plan policies that began after the Affordable Care Act went into effect now will have to cover multiple types of prevention counseling for women, as well as contraceptive care, double electric breast pumps, and more.

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  • Where Do We Go From Here With Our Health Care System?

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    To say that Medicare works well, denies the fact that in many patients are no longer able to go to the doctor of their choice. In fact, even finding a doctor is difficult. Additionally, many doctors no longer participate in the Medicare program. This program is only one step away from a single payer health care system, which was once referred to as socialized medicine.

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  • ACA Ruling An Opportunity to Improve Health Care Access

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    The Texas Medical Association believes a Texas federal judge’s recent ruling that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional provides a bipartisan pathway to strengthen access to health care and provide coverage for the 4.5 million Texans without health care coverage.

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  • TMA Asks AMA to Stay Out of Affordable Care Act Suit

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    Leaders of the Texas Medical Association on Tuesday publicly objected to the American Medical Association’s plans to get involved in a high-profile federal lawsuit — filed in Texas — challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act.

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  • Purchasing Insurance Across State Lines

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    Most politicians and other advocates who endorse the idea of allowing the sale of health insurance across state lines believe that doing so would automatically open up competition among health plans, thus lowering the cost of coverage and increasing satisfaction of consumers desperate for health insurance premium relief.

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