• Monitor Payer Contracts to Help Manage Revenue

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    A survey by the Medical Group Management Association revealed that medical practices that don't track their payer contract rates are reimbursed on average 4 percent less per evaluation and management code billed. Family medicine practices reported a 7-percent difference. This can add up.

    Look at Four Ways to Monitor Rates  
  • Amending Contracts

    Generally, in Texas, a contract modification must meet all of the elements necessary to form a contract at the outset. This means there must be an offer and an acceptance. One party cannot modify the contract terms without the consent of the other, for such a modification would lack the other party's acceptance.

    See How Contract Clauses Modify the General Rule

  • Calculating Payment Terms

    To make wise decisions about accepting a managed care contract, you and your practice administrator need a good understanding of how the contract payments relate to the cost of providing services in your practice. 


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