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    TMA is helping to strengthen your practice by offering personal advice and creating a climate of medical success across the state. 

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    Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

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    TMA has been alerted that a South Texas physician member is the victim of a cyber attack in which a thief hacked into the physician's computer and is demanding money in exchange for the key to access the encrypted information.

    More on TMA's Warning to Physicians
  • Shifting the Limits

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    A recent study shows allowing residents to work longer shifts did not translate to greater risk among general surgery residents' patients, and trainees reported better learning experiences because they could follow their patients through critical aspects of their care. 

    Effects of Resident Duty Hours  
  • A Problem That Won't Register

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    Physicians are running into trouble meeting an EHR meaningful use objective that requires public health reporting. To fulfill that objective, physicians must meet two of these three measures: active engagement with a public health agency to submit immunization data; active engagement with a public agency to submit syndromic surveillance data; and active engagement to submit data to a specialized registry.

    Public Health Reporting for Meaningful Use  
  • New TMA Resource: Electronic Patient Engagement Tools

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    With high-deductible health plans and a greater push for personal responsibility, many patients are interested in engaging more closely with their physicians and other health care professionals. Meaningful use requirements and other value-based programs have physicians using electronic communication tools to share information with their patients.

    Clearing Up the Confusion  
  • TMA's Advocacy Blueprint

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    TMA's second edition of our Healthy Vision 2020, articulates specifically and directly what we are asking of the Texas Legislature, the U.S. Congress, and state and federal regulators. The recommendations range from the simple (Put ICD-10 on permanent hold) to the complex (Devise and enact a system for providing health care to low-income Texans with realistic payment to physicians, less stifling state bureaucracy, and no fraud-and-abuse witch hunts) to the most fundamental (Pass no laws or regulations that interfere with the patient-physician relationship).

    TMA's Vision for the Future Clears Up  
  • Deadlines for Doctors Keeps You Current

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    You can keep up with federal and state requirements that affect your practice by regularly checking TMA's Deadlines for Doctors.

    What You Need to Do Now