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  • Renew Your Passion

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    TexMed 2018 will take place May 18-19, 2018. Unite with your colleagues to renew and revitalize your passion for medicine. At TMA's annual meeting, physician leaders conduct TMA business, network with other specialties, and attend interdisciplinary CME programs. Attendance at TexMed is a FREE member benefit!

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  • The People in Population Health

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    The challenges physicians face in improving the overall well-being of Texas are as diverse and complex as the state itself. The Symposium on Population Health offers insights, recommendations, and solutions to several aspects of population health in Texas.

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  • Docs Dig Out From the Storm

    TMA takes you inside the recovery effort in Aransas Pass, where physicians and staff are doing everything they can to restore hope and health care to their community.

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  • Relief Program Launched to Reopen Hurricane-Devastated Medical Practices

    When staff of a Houston-area children’s urgent care clinic saw security-camera images of brown, murky Hurricane Harvey floodwater submerging the waiting room, they knew it was bad. Quickly, the physicians and other clinic workers jumped into action. Soon they also consulted the Texas Medical Association (TMA) for help, and learned about the TMA Disaster Relief Program.

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  • ''It Was a Little Lake in There''

    See a video of floodwaters rising into NightLight Pediatric Urgent Care and the damage caused by the storm. 

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    TMA is helping to strengthen your practice by offering advice and creating a climate of medical success across the state. 

  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • TMA Fighting for Physicians and Patients

    Cyber Attacks: What You Need to Know

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    The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has received multiple reports of ‘WannaCry’ (also known as ‘WannaCrypt’) ransomware infections in several countries around the world and in the United States. Some of these infections are impacting patient access to care. Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects a computer and restricts users’ access to it until a ransom is paid to unlock it. Individuals and organizations are discouraged from paying the ransom, as this does not guarantee access will be restored.

    How to Protect Yourself
  • New TMA Resource: Electronic Patient Engagement Tools

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    With high-deductible health plans and a greater push for personal responsibility, many patients are interested in engaging more closely with their physicians and other health care professionals. Meaningful use requirements and other value-based programs have physicians using electronic communication tools to share information with their patients.

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  • Deadlines for Doctors Keeps You Current

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    You can keep up with federal and state requirements that affect your practice by regularly checking TMA's Deadlines for Doctors.

    What You Need to Do Now