House of Delegates

  • TMA House of Delegates Annual Session 2021, April 29 and May 14-15

    Your speakers look forward to your participation at the 2021 Annual Session of the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates, April 29 (recorded opening session) and May 14-15 (live business sessions).

    Online Testimony on business items opened March 25 and closes April 22.

    Keeping the Business Meetings Efficient
    Your speakers wish to keep the business sessions of the TMA House of Delegates effective, efficient, and enjoyable. They strongly encourage members to submit any testimony on business items (including requests to amend or refer items) prior to the virtual reference committee hearings on May 8 and use the hearings to wordsmith the final document prior to the May 14-15 house meetings.

    Read the 2021 Speakers' Letter

    2021 Handbook for Delegates

    Submit Online Testimony

  • 2021 Handbook for Delegates

    Click on the links below to view different sections of the 2021 Handbook for Delegates. To testify on business items, visit TMA's testimony webpage.

    Note: Some navigation links inside this book do not work on mobile devices. It is recommended you view the Handbook on a desktop or laptop computer.

    2021 Handbook for Delegates updated 4.8.21

    General Information 

    Composition updated 4.8.21


    2020 Audit Trail  updated 4.8.21

    Agendas  updated 4.8.21

    Informational Reports  updated 4.8.21

    FOA Reports and Resolutions  updated 4.8.21

    MEHCQ Reports and Resolutions updated 4.8.21

    SPH Reports and Resolutions updated 4.8.21

    SOCIO Reports and Resolutions updated 4.8.21


    TexMed 2020:

    2020 Transactions

    2020 Summary of Actions 

    2020 Audit Trail 

    TexMed Conference Home

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    Visit the elections webpage to learn about the candidates for TMA offices. Voting will take place April 29-May 3.

  • Information for House of Delegates Members

    Welcome to the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates! The House of Delegates is the legislative and policymaking body of the association and is made up of about 500 voting members. The following information will help you become familiar with your role and will help you understand house functions, business, procedures, and protocol.

    House of Delegates Guide

    Understanding how the house functions

    Visual graphic of voting positions in the House of Delegates

    TMA Resolution Process

    TMA House of Delegates New Member Orientation Video
    This comprehensive video outlines your role as a member of the Texas Medical Association's House of Delegates. Watch as TMA Speaker Arlo Weltge, MD, explains the process and best practices for members when developing policy to improve the health of all Texans.

  • Get Involved

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    Serving in TMA’s House of Delegates is the best way to get involved in your association and make a difference in medicine. TMA needs your voice and your experience to help develop relevant, meaningful policy that benefits Texas physicians and patients.

    Who Runs TMA?  

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