• So-Called "Mild" Omicron Still a Threat, Physicians Warn

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    As the massive spike of COVID-19 cases continues, the degree of infectiousness and lack of the best and most available treatment worries TMA leaders about what the next few weeks will bring. They say important medical advice bears repeating with patients.

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  • Nominate Outstanding Journalists for TMA’s Anson Jones Awards

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    Each year, members of TMA’s Council on Health Promotion and former journalists have the tough job of selecting the best of the best in health reporting. Their picks earn TMA’s annual Anson Jones, MD, Awards. TMA is accepting submissions for the 2022 awards now, and you can offer nominations.

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  • TMA Moves for Victory in Challenge to Unfair Arbitration Rule

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    The Texas Medical Association recently announced it has filed a motion for summary judgment in its lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. The motion asks the court to decide, without a trial, that the U.S. departments of Health and Human Services, Labor, and Treasury, and the Office of Personnel Management failed to follow clear direction from Congress about how to implement the physician-insurance company dispute resolution process set forth in the No Surprises Act, legislation passed in 2020 to address surprise medical bills.

    TMA Filed a Lawsuit In U.S. District Court on Oct. 28
  • Stewart Named New Leader of TMA Lobby Team

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    Clayton K. Stewart will serve as TMA's new vice president of public affairs – chief lobbyist. Most recently, he played a key role in the passage of Texas' new "gold card" prior authorization bill. His predecessor, Dan Finch, is retiring at the end of 2021 after serving two years in the role and capping a decades-long career of service to Texas physicians and patients.

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  • TMA: Thanks for Saving Medicare; More Work Ahead

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    TMA physicians thank Congress for taking action needed to avert most of the Medicare pay cuts for physicians who care for America’s seniors and people with disabilities.

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  • “Turn It Off” to Help Mental Health, Physicians Suggest

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    Physicians are concerned about more people suffering mental and behavioral health problems, especially as the pandemic lags on. Doctors see connections between people’s suffering and overuse of electronic devices, especially among young people who seem addicted to their phones and other screens. To combat these issues, the Texas Medical Association (TMA) is launching a new initiative, Turn It Off Today, to encourage families to pledge to take a break from electronic devices.

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  • “Doctor, Will the Vaccines Give Me COVID-19?”

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    Are you getting frequently asked questions from patients about the COVID-19 vaccines? The Texas Medical Association has created a series of shareable social media graphics to help you answer those questions.

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  • What's Herd Immunity? Physician Explains How It Protects Us

    How do umbrellas protect us from disease? Austin pediatrician Ari Brown, MD, a Texas Medical Association physician leader, uses an umbrella analogy to explain how community immunity works, in this video.