• Edinburg Physician Becomes TMA President

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    The Texas Medical Association (TMA) today installed Edinburg gastroenterologist Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, as its 152nd president. Outgoing TMA President Don R. Read, MD, of Dallas installed Dr. Cardenas today during TexMed, the association’s annual conference.

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  • Surprise Medical Bills – Causes and Solutions

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    It’s a significant issue: Despite having health insurance, some Texans receive medical bills they did not anticipate, because their insurance might not cover all of their care or provide as much benefit as they expected, or the patient might have received care out of his or her health plan’s network. Physicians empathize with patients about these surprise medical bills and recognize this is a problem, so TMA convened a Special Task Force on Balance Billing to study the causes and prescribe a plan to stop surprise bills, and help patients. 

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    Will Health Quality Improve Under New Medicare?    

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    Medicare is revolutionizing how physicians are evaluated and paid to provide care, and patients will see changes as a result, focusing in their care quality. As Texas doctors adapt to the new Medicare payment system, many are concerned about the changes, while others are optimistic the transition will result in healthier patients. The switch to the new Quality Payment Program under the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) means physicians who care for Medicare patients must change how they run their practice – and care for their patients.

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  • TMA Survey Finds Most Physicians Use Electronic Records

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    A newly released Texas Medical Association (TMA) survey of the state’s physicians shows nearly three-quarters of them are using an electronic health record (EHR) to capture your health information.

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  • Flu Shot Boosts Your Health, Protects Others

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    It’s a fact: People will be hospitalized because of the flu this year, and many — 49,000 based on annual estimates — will die. But taking action now might help prevent that from happening in your community.

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  • TMA's 2015 Legislative Victories Build on Past Successes

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    In a 2015 legislative session marked by new state leadership, new money, and big shifts in how Texas' major health care agencies oversee care delivery, the House of Medicine remained as steady as ever in its mission to ensure physicians can give their patients the best care possible. That resolve paid off in significant victories.

    Texas Medicine Scores for Patients and Physicians