Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sponsor an event?
Members of the TMA Family — physicians, county medical societies, medical students, and/or local alliance chapters — can sponsor events.

I’m not a member of the TMA Family. Can I sponsor an event?
Yes. TMA is pleased to partner with community organizations or schools on events. TMA encourages you to work with a TMA sponsor in your community and can help you find one. Events without a TMA sponsor are required to show TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads DVD, which features Tom Coopwood, MD, an Austin trauma surgeon, demonstrating how to fit a helmet.

What does TMA provide for my giveaway? 
TMA provides free helmets with your purchase of helmets. (See chart below for match amounts.) In addition, TMA offers: 

  • Customizable promotional flyers and envelope stuffers,
  • Signage and banners to help increase visibility at your event,
  • Educational materials,
  • T-shirts for event volunteers, and
  • Merchandise for kids. 

What do I need to do to get helmets?
Event hosts are required to sign an event agreement to receive the free helmets from TMA, which asks them to:  

  • Publicize the event,
  • Credit TMA for the free helmets in event publicity and at the event, 
  • Report event media coverage to TMA, and 
  • Complete a survey after the event. 

Helmet giveaway hosts also are encouraged to take photos at their event to share with TMA or on social media.  

How much do the helmets cost?
TMA helmets cost $7.60 each, including shipping. Retail value of the helmet is $22. Helmets feature the TMA logo and meet Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements. Some available helmets, such as those for toddlers, vary slightly in price. TMA can provide an estimated cost on your purchase. 

Does TMA match one-to-one on my helmet purchase?
It depends on the size of your purchase. TMA provides an equal match on purchases of up to 50 helmets. After that, the match is on a sliding scale:  

Helmets Purchased by Sponsor       Free Helmets From TMA*
1-50       Equal Match
51-200       50
201-400       100
401-600       200
601-800       300
801-1,000       400
1,001-1,500       500
1,501-2,500       600  
More than 2,500       700

 *The helmet match for nonmedical event sponsors will change in 2018. Check out the new match structure

I heard TAFP and TPS buy helmets for their members to give away. Is that true?
Yes. The Texas Academy of Family Physicians (TAFP) and the Texas Pediatric Society, the Texas Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (TPS), cover the cost of up to 25 helmets for their members who host a helmet giveaway. Then TMA provides an equal match of free helmets on the purchase, so TAFP/TPS members can get up to 50 helmets to give away at no cost. TAFP/TPS provide helmets on a first-come, first-served basis as funding is limited. TAFP/TPS members can receive funding for one event annually. TAFP/TPS members are welcome to support medical student, local alliance, or other community giveaways. When TAFP/TPS members work with another organization(s) on an event, they are required to participate in the event to represent their specialty society (TAFP or TPS) that is providing funding for the event. TAFP/TPS members can give a safety presentation or help fit helmets.  

How long does it take to get the helmets?
Helmets ship directly to you from our supplier in five business days. TMA recommends you order your helmets at least a month in advance of your event.   

What sizes of helmets are available? 
TMA offers helmets ranging from toddler to extra large to fit our target audience of kids aged 3-14.  

How do I decide which sizes to order? 
For events with kids of varying ages, such as a health fair, TMA recommends you order 40-50 percent of helmets in medium as this size fits most elementary-aged kids. You will want about 20-25 percent each of smalls and larges. Ordering about 5-10 percent of extra larges (an adult-sized helmet) will accommodate kids with lots of hair and larger heads. TMA also offers toddler helmets for preschoolers. You’ll receive a sizing chart in your order packet to assist you with ordering. If you can measure the kids’ heads before your event, such as a school event, you can more accurately order the correct helmet sizes. 

How much time do I need to prepare for an event? 
TMA asks you to allow at least a month to plan your event to ensure timely delivery of your helmets and materials. For events during key program months (March, April, May, and October), allow six to eight weeks because of the large number of orders we’re processing. 

Where do I give away the helmets?
You know your community best, so TMA encourages you to find a venue that works well in your community. That could be at a health fair or community event, at a bike rodeo, in a physician’s office, or with a school. Check out these ideas for events that have worked for other Hard Hats for Little Heads sponsors.  

When are good times for events? 
TMA has events all year. But we encourage events during these months to raise awareness:  

  • March: Brain Injury Awareness Month 
  • April: Texas Child Safety Month 
  • May: Bike Month
  • October: Hard Hats for Little Heads Month
  • December: Holiday bike giveaways (pair a helmet with a bike) 

TMA sends a statewide media advisory announcing all events during key months.   

What am I required to do at an event?   

  1. Fit the helmets on kids’ heads. The key to safety is a properly fitted helmet, so we want the kids to leave with one fitted for them. If you’re not familiar with helmet fitting, TMA has a DVD to demonstrate proper fit. A short version of the DVD is here. You could even wear a helmet at the event so kids can see how a helmet should fit — snugly and squarely on top of your head.
  2. Educate the kids (and parents) about helmet use/safety. TMA has educational materials to assist you in educating families who attend your event and has talking points on brain injury and obesity to include in a presentation. Or you might want to include a melon drop demonstration to show a helmet’s importance.  

Does Hard Hats provide helmets for events outside of Texas?  
No, TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads program is available only for Texas events. 

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