COVID-19: Telemedicine



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FAQs and "How-to's"

Telemedicine: What You Need To Know for COVID-19 and Beyond

Telemedicine: Getting Started – TMA “how-to” guide



Texas Laws and Regulations Relating to Telemedicine – White paper

Some Telemedicine Allowed Across State Lines to Battle COVID-19


Telemedicine Vendor Selection

Telemedicine Vendor Options  
View a list of telemedicine vendors and their product information

Telemedicine Evaluation Criteria
TMA created this evaluation tool to help Texas physicians with criteria to consider in the selection of telemedicine vendor products.


Policies, Procedures and Forms

Telemedicine Policies, Procedures and Forms



Texas Medicaid, CHIP Changes Extended Through March

Health Plans Extend Telemedicine, Cost-Share Waivers

Payer's Coronavirus Changes and Waivers

Texas Medicaid, CHIP Changes Extended Into November

Charts Point You in the Right Direction When Coding for Telemedicine



How to Prescribe Controlled Substances Via Telemedicine Under COVID-19 Waivers


Telemedicine and Patients

Help Your Patients Help You with Telemedicine

Let Your Patients Know You Use Telemedicine

Are You Ready for Telemedicine Prime Time?

Navigate Sensitive Conversations Virtually With TMA’s Help


Remote Patient Monitoring

Safely Incorporate Remote Patient Monitoring Into Your Practice

Want to Add Remote Patient Monitoring to Your Telemedicine Services?

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Last Updated On

July 20, 2023

Originally Published On

March 18, 2021