Navigate Sensitive Conversations Virtually With TMA’s Help
By David Doolittle


The COVID-19 pandemic has created clear challenges for physicians and patients, including safely treating people both in the office and virtually via telemedicine. It also has challenged many practices financially, as decreased patient visits have taken their toll in lost revenue.

All of these situations and more can lead to difficult conversations with staff, colleagues, and patients, such as giving staff feedback on work performance, or sharing bad news with a patient over a telemedicine visit.

How do you successfully manage those conversations virtually, amid the added stress and uncertainty of COVID-19?

The Texas Medical Association has published a 19-minute TMA Practice Well podcast in which Yvonne Mounkhoune, a TMA practice management consultant with counseling experience, shares some tips for having sensitive conversations virtually.

Listen to the podcast below or by clicking here.

Stay on top of the latest news, resources, and government guidance on the coronavirus outbreak by visiting TMA’s COVID-19 Resource Center regularly.

Last Updated On

August 12, 2020

Originally Published On

August 12, 2020

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