Table of Contents: September 2021

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Volume 117, Number 9 — September 2021

Social Determinants of Health 

Cover Story: Healthy Determination (pages 16-23)  
Texas physicians are finding better ways to address their patients’ social determinants of health. By Sean Price

Practice Management: Creative Collaboration (pages 24-29) 
Here’s how physician practices can help patients address their social determinants of health. By Sean Price

Economics: Obstacles to Clear (pages 30-33)
Physicians encounter barriers to addressing the social determinants of health, but progress is happening. By Joey Berlin 

Economics: Going Local (pages 34-35) 
Accountable health organizations could help combat social disparities at the local level. By Joey Berlin

Other News:

Economics: Data Driven (pages 38-41) 
Medicaid’s Inspector General focuses on fraud prevention, not just prosecution. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

Economics: Billing for Telemedicine During COVID-19 (pages 43-45) 

Public Health: Medicaid Relaxes Prior Authorization for Hep C Antiviral Drugs (pages 46-47)
By Joey Berlin

Vaccines (page 48)
Talk to Patients About: The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. By Sean Price

Also in this issue:

Rounds (page 8)
Deaths (page 15)


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September 02, 2021