TMA Maternal Health Congress 2018

TMA President's Report  

March 24, 2018 – Thompson Auditorium, TMA Building

The congress will build upon much of the information and discussion at the Maternal Health Forum that TMA hosted Sept. 30, 2017. The Maternal Health Congress will begin Saturday morning with a continuing medical education program on the state of Texas’ maternal mortality and morbidity. In the afternoon, the congress will convene a TMA-style reference committee hearing to consider proposals for ways to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in Texas. (Refer to the Agenda below for more information.) Attendees were invited to submit policy proposals in early March to address the expansion of evidence-based quality improvement programs, substance use/misuse, removing barriers to care, and public health programming including improvements to the state’s monitoring of maternal health data.

The reference committee will be composed of members of several TMA councils and committees. Other attendees will be invited leaders of TMA as well as representatives of state health organizations such as the Texas Hospital Association, Texas Nurses Association, Texas Pediatric Society, Texas Association of Family Physicians, March of Dimes, and Texas Organization of Rural and Community Hospitals. Proposals adopted by the reference committee will be referred to the appropriate TMA body for follow-up and to guide legislative activities in the 86th legislative session. 

Presentations, materials, and proposals for the congress will be posted on this webpage. Please direct any inquiries or suggestions on maternal health to: maternalhealth[at]texmed[dot]org.





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May 23, 2018

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March 14, 2018