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Patient Care Protected: TMA Secured Big Legislative Wins With a New Strategy - 11/08/2023

Guided by a set of priorities and girded by grassroots physician advocacy, the Texas Medical Association entered the 2023 legislative session with a laser focused approach and came out hitting targets in every area of medicine’s agenda.

Board Member Highlight: Gregory M. Fuller, MD - 11/01/2023

Gregory M. Fuller, MD, became secretary/treasurer of the TMA Board of Trustees in May 2023 during TexMed, TMA’s annual conference.

Board Member Highlight: G. Ray Callas, MD - 11/01/2023

The Texas Medical Association elected Beaumont anesthesiologist G. Ray Callas, MD, president-elect in May 2023 during TexMed.

RFS Executive Council - 10/30/2023

Resident and Fellow Section Executive Council

All You Need to Do Is RSVP: TMA Alliance Leader's Open Invitation - 10/26/2023

TMA Alliance Leader Jenny Shepherd extends an open invitation to join medical advocacy.

Tyler Volunteer Joins TMA Foundation Board - 10/20/2023

Debbie Pitts, a Tyler volunteer and past president of the Texas Medical Association Alliance (TMAA), begins service this week on the Texas Medical Association Foundation (TMAF) Board of Trustees.

TMA Board of Trustees 2023 - 2024 - 10/11/2023

TMA Board of Trustees

Board Member Highlight: Keith A. Bourgeois, MD - 10/11/2023

Keith A. Bourgeois, MD, was elected chair of the TMA Board of Trustees in 2023.

Access to Care Improves After 20 Years of Medical Liability Reform - 09/13/2023

This week marks two decades since Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment to stop what some physicians and patients called a crisis situation. They say the effort ensured patients have greater access to doctors’ care.

Board Member Highlight: Katherine Russell - 08/30/2023

Katherine “Kate” Russell is the 2023 24 medical student representative on the TMA Board of Trustees.

Board Member Highlight: Tony R. Aventa, MD - 08/30/2023

Tony R. Aventa, MD, was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2023.

Board Member Highlight: Subhan Tabba, MD - 08/30/2023

Subhan Tabba, MD,  was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2023. He will serve a one-year term on the board representing the TMA Resident and Fellow Section (RFS).

Dallas Resident Physician Joins TMA Board of Trustees (2023) - 08/30/2023

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) elected Dallas resident physician Subhan Tabba, MD, to its Board of Trustees. He will serve a one-year term on the board representing the TMA Resident and Fellow Section (RFS). 

The Top 5 Things That Get Physicians Sued - 08/23/2023

There are some obvious reasons physicians could face a medical liability lawsuit — surgical errors, misdiagnosis, and medication errors are some of the most common. But other issues related to communication, documentation, and staff conduct, also increase your legal risk.

Organized Medicine Assists in Maui Wildfire Response; How You Can Help - 08/21/2023

As aid efforts in the aftermath of the Maui wildfires turn to recovery and rescue, local organized medicine partners are deeply involved in assisting with the island’s health care needs and are sharing opportunities for medicine at large to do the same.

Patient Care Protected: Women's Reproductive Health - 08/14/2023

One of the Texas Medical Association's top legislative priorities this session was to get clarity for physicians on how they can safely treat pregnant women while protecting the patient-physician relationship.

Patient Care Protected: Scope Creep/GME Funding - 08/07/2023

The Texas Medical Association's top legislative priority this session was to protect independent diagnosing and prescribing as the practice of medicine and to address current workforce shortages in a way that ensures patients have access to the same standard of care, regardless of where they live.

Patient Care Protected: Medicaid Payment Increase - 08/04/2023

One of the Texas Medical Association's top legislative priorities this session was to help physicians grow their Medicaid panels and access to care with healthier payment rates.

Patient Care Protected: E-Cigarette Regulation and Taxation - 08/04/2023

State lawmakers gave tobacco-control advocates – among them Texas physicians – a big victory by allocating a nearly $4.3 million increase for nicotine cessation and prevention efforts.

Patient Care Protected: Network Adequacy, Surprise Billing - 08/04/2023

Spurred by physician reports of insurers taking advantage of their leverage in contract negotiations, the Texas Medical Association prioritized network adequacy reform this session.

Patient Care Protected: Vaccines, ImmTrac2 Modernization - 08/04/2023

Texas physicians started this year’s legislative session with a simple strategy on vaccines: defend existing protections and push for a long-overdue technological upgrade to ImmTrac2, the state’s vaccination registry.

Patient Care Protected: Medical Liability Reforms - 08/04/2023

For the 20th year in a row, the Texas Medical Association successfully defended the state's medical liability reforms, in keeping with its legislative priorities for the most recent session.

Patient Care Protected: Medicaid Coverage for Women and Children - 08/04/2023

The Texas Medical Association achieved a key legislative objective this session with the passage of House Bill 12 by Rep. Toni Rose (D-Dallas), which extends Medicaid postpartum coverage from two months to one year.

TMA Installs Dallas Cardiologist as 158th President - 08/04/2023

TMA on Saturday installed Richard W. “Rick” Snyder II, MD, a Dallas cardiologist, as its 158th president.

TMA Elects Beaumont Anesthesiologist President-Elect - 08/04/2023

The Texas Medical Association (TMA) Saturday elected Beaumont anesthesiologist G. Ray Callas, MD, president-elect during TexMed, the association’s annual conference, held in Fort Worth this year. Dr. Callas will serve in this role for one year, after which he will be installed as president.