Schedule-at-a-Glance - 03/23/2023

Scholars must complete all of the following programs to graduate from the program.

Program Overview - 03/23/2023

Guidelines, application process, and costs for the TMA Leadership College.

Board Member Highlight: Alixandria Pfeiffer, DO - 03/20/2023

Alixandria Pfeiffer, DO, was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2022 for a one-year term representing the TMA Resident and Fellow Section. Soon after joining the board, she learned how passionate the board members are. “It is positively overwhelming to be able to experience this aura of striving to achieve something greater than ourselves and for the betterment of patients and physicians.”

Board Member Highlight: Kimberly Monday, MD - 03/16/2023

Kimberly Monday, MD, was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. One of her key beliefs: “Physicians are in the best position to determine what health care services people and communities need, who should provide those services, and in what context.”

Board Member Highlight: Jayesh Shah, MD - 03/13/2023

Jayesh Shah, MD, was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2018 and reelected in 2021. Soon after he started his private practice, Dr. Shah realized that influencing patient care was not limited to the examination room or hospitals; he could impact health care through policymaking as well.

Board Member Highlight: Bradford Patt, MD - 03/13/2023

Bradford Patt, MD, was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2022. As a TMA board member, Dr. Patt said he wants to increase TMA membership and strengthen the voice of organized medicine in Texas. Learn more about Dr. Patt.

Board Member Highlight: Cynthia Jumper, MD - 03/13/2023

When Cynthia Jumper, MD, was re-elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2022, she was honored to continue working at the board level on initiatives like preserving the patient-physician relationship. Learn more about Dr. Jumper.

Board Member Highlight: Michelle Berger, MD - 03/10/2023

“I view my time in organized medicine as just as important as direct patient care,” said Dr. Berger, an Austin ophthalmologist. She loves her profession and believes there is “nothing better” than improving the lives of others.

Board Member Highlight: Lisa L. Ehrlich, MD - 03/10/2023

With about a year and a half of service on the TMA Board of Trustees behind her, Lisa L. Ehrlich, MD, sees herself as the governing body’s “stabilizer,” as they deliberate complex, even controversial issues.

Board Member Highlight: Abhishek Dharan - 03/10/2023

Abhishek Dharan, the 2022-23 medical student representative on the TMA Board of Trustees, decided to participate in organized medicine early because he wants to learn how to advocate for the causes important to him: working to improve the health care system for patients and ensuring an adequate number of medical residency positions for Texas medical school graduates to continue their training in-state.

Board Member Highlight: John Carlo, MD - 03/10/2023

John T. Carlo, MD, brought high aspirations when he was elected to the TMA Board of Trustees in 2022. “I want to ensure that we protect all physician-patient relationships against government and business intrusion,” he said. “Every physician should be able to practice medicine at the highest standards, using the latest medical evidence without fear of being criminalized.”

Resolved: To Get Involved in Organized Medicine - 03/10/2023

Every physician can look around and see some policy change or improvement that could make life better for patients and colleagues. The Texas Medical Association’s House of Delegates, the organization’s highest policymaking body, is often the best place to set that reform in motion.

Grassroots Governance: Councils, Committees Fuel TMA’s Physician-Driven Engine - 03/09/2023

With a finger on the pulse of health care, TMA’s nine councils and 12 standing committees work through grassroots advocacy and collaboration to initiate policies and programs that support Texas patients and physicians and provide solutions to the challenges they encounter.

Developing Medicine’s Leaders: TMA Arms Physicians to Advance Medicine - 03/07/2023

The Texas Medical Association's Leadership College and its other leadership development programs help physicians develop the nonclinical skills necessary to pursue leadership positions in their practices, in their communities, and within organized medicine.

Leadership Opportunities and Professional Development - 02/05/2023

Get Involved! No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone including leadership opportunities at local, state, and national level. Ultimately it is you who decides how active you want to be and where your interests lie.

RFS Executive Council - 01/31/2023

Resident and Fellow Section Executive Council

Amplified by AMA: Participation in AMA Can Improve Texas Medicine - 01/11/2023

The Texas Medical Association's impact on the national stage hinges in part on the activism of roughly three dozen TMA members who serve as representatives to the American Medical Association House of Delegates, the principal policymaking body of AMA.

TMA at AMA: Texas Shapes National Policy on Medicare Reform, Opioids, Price Transparency - 12/13/2022

When Texas physicians joined their colleagues from around the country in Honolulu for the Interim Meeting of the American Medical Association House of Delegates, it wasn’t all sunshine, golf courses, and sandy beaches.

Women Physicians Spotlight: Lindsay K. Botsford, MD - 09/04/2022

September is Women in Medicine Month. So how are leaders like Lindsay K. Botsford, MD, impacting medicine within organized medicine and within their practice settings? Here's what this TMA Women Physicians Section member has to say.

Section News: Fall Conference Section Activities - 08/29/2022

Save the date for the Texas Medical Association’s Fall Conference on Sept. 16-17, where section activities will include informative business meetings, educational programming, and a fun All-Sections Trivia Night Mixer on Friday from 9 to10 pm.

Generational Pull: Vivek Rao, MD, Has Passion for Medicine in His DNA - 08/15/2022

Odessa allergist Vivek Rao, MD, comes from a family of physicians and inherited their passion for organized medicine.

Ready To Boost Your Leadership Skills? - 08/03/2022

Apply now for the TMA Leadership College, which since 2011 has helped more than 250 physicians develop a deeper understanding of their potential and strengths as leaders. Applications for the class of 2022 are now open and due by June 25.

TMA Board of Trustees 2022 - 2023 - 07/13/2022

TMA Board of Trustees

“Fight the Good Fight:” Fleeger Awarded TMA’s Highest Honor - 06/29/2022

The Texas Medical Association bestowed its highest honor upon Austin colon and rectal surgeon David C. Fleeger, MD, for his confident leadership during difficult times and his longtime advocacy for medicine at the state and national levels.

Voice of Reason: TMA’s Board of Councilors Tackles Ethical Policymaking - 06/08/2022

Established in 1903, the Board of Councilors renders and updates opinions on matters of medical ethics, from abortion and medical use of cannabis to physician-assisted suicide and restrictive covenants, among other responsibilities.