Human Resources

Don’t Hold Patient Credit Balances Past 30 Days - 05/28/2019

Have lingering patient credit balances on your books? Here’s how the law says to handle them.

Can You Recognize Embezzlement Red Flags? - 06/28/2018

It happens again and again: A physician is blind-sided by the discovery that a long-time, trusted employee has had his or her fingers in the practice till for several years. Often in retrospect, the signs were there, if only the physician had recognized them.

Did That Employee Quit, or Did You Fire Her? - 11/08/2017

The question of whether an employee quit or was fired is very important if the ex-employee files for unemployment benefits. It determines who has the burden of proof in the case. These tips from the Texas Workforce Commission can help you keep the onus of proof off you.

Cellphone Policy Minimizes Distractions - 10/19/2017

A few simple rules about using personal cellphones in a medical office can help each workday run efficiently and professionally.

Working Through the Generation Gap - 09/29/2017

The differences between the millennial generation and older generations isn’t black and white. The nuances are important to understand if you are looking to hire millennials for your office or to work with them on your health care team.

Practice Staff: The More You Give, the More You Get - 05/26/2017

As a small practice, your competition for good employees is stiff, and your need for highly productive, stable staff is great. To succeed on both fronts comes down to an important factor: You have to offer a salary and benefits that are competitive in your market.

Tips for Selecting a Quality Employee - 05/24/2017

Hiring the right people for your medical practice office staff can be challenging, but careful preparation for the interviews and evaluation helps. Follow these tips for successful hiring.

What Makes a Good Boss? - 05/17/2017

Answer the questions in this infographic to see if you’re great, good — or need to work on your leadership and management skills — plus, pick up a few good tips.

How Physicians Can Help With Collections - 04/20/2017

Even if you have a business manager or office manager to “handle the money” for your practice, you, the physician, have an important role in billing and collections.

Guard Your Practice Against Employee Theft - 12/21/2016

Medical practices are especially vulnerable to embezzlement, in part, because they are typically cash businesses. According to a 2009 Medical Group Management Association study, 83 percent of the medical practices polled had been the victim of employee theft or embezzlement. But because medical offices are run by a close-knit staff, it can be hard for a physician to imagine any employees stealing from the practice.

Use Telephone Scripts for Best First Impression and Efficiency - 12/20/2016

One way to ensure a consistent experience for callers to your practice is the use of standard telephone scripts, or outlines for more complex calls.

What’s Your Policy for Unused Paid Time Off? - 12/20/2016

Do any state laws govern how to handle unused paid time off when an employee leaves our practice?

Four Bill-Collecting Tips for New (or Any) Practices - 12/12/2016

Starting a practice can be daunting, and one challenge often overlooked is making sure you get paid. Although only a small number of patients will not pay you, or will pay slowly, they can hurt your bottom line. Writing off thousands of dollars in charges should not be an option.

PAs and APRNs: How Do These Midlevels Differ? - 12/09/2016

Physicians interested in hiring a midlevel practitioner for their practice sometimes wonder whether they should hire a physician assistant or an advanced practice registered nurse. Here’s the basic difference between the two.

Fire! Do You and Your Staff Know What to Do? - 12/07/2016

Are you and your staff prepared to respond to a fire at your practice location? TMA’s Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Medical Practices reminds physicians and staff who discover a fire to stay calm and follow the “RACE” procedure.

Focus on Member Services: Human Resources Help - 12/07/2016

When you need to find and keep the right staff for your practice, turn to TMA's many members-only resources for recruitment and management help. TMA experts can address a range of staffing concerns, including how to prevent one of the most troubling and costly problems physicians encounter: employee theft, which occurs in more than 80 percent of medical practices.

Nine Do’s and Don’ts for Enforcing Office Policies - 12/07/2016

Having office policies is one thing. Enforcing them fairly and consistently is another. By failing to do the latter, you risk losing unemployment claims.

Staff Training: Opportunities Abound - 12/07/2016

Staffing costs typically are the largest expense in a practice. To protect your investment and build a strong team, you need to help staff members learn and grow. Consider these ready sources for staff training.

When It Rains (and Pours) … - 12/07/2016

According to news reports, nearly half of Texas was under flood watches or warnings at the beginning of June 2016. Does your practice have a policy for inclement weather and similar disaster or emergency conditions?

Mind Your I-9s - 12/06/2016

Employers like you have been completing Form I-9, the federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form, for 30 years. But here are some reminders and pointers for this task.

New Wage Rule Will Affect Overtime Pay - 12/06/2016

Starting Dec. 1, 2016, a new Department of Labor rule will automatically extend overtime pay protections to more than 4 million workers nationwide — likely to some of your employees.

Can I Refuse to Hire a Smoker to Work in My Practice? - 11/29/2016

The Texas Workforce Commission recommends addressing your concerns through policy.

Sixteen Ways to Save Money in Your Practice - 06/23/2016

Looking for ways to trim practice expenses in the new year? Here are some easy suggestions for saving a little here and a little there. It can add up.

Words Matter: Use the Right Ones in LGBT Conversations - 06/23/2016

As the law on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) issues has been evolving, so has the language to use when talking about — and to — LBGT individuals, including patients. Here is some guidance.

Why You Should Conduct Background Checks - 06/23/2016

Starbucks does it. The company routinely conducts a background check when it makes a tentative job offer to any candidate for employment. Medical practices should do so, too.