Leadership Opportunities and Professional Development


Whether you desire to be a leader, make a difference in your organization, or enhance your personal knowledge and skill set, TMA offers professional growth opportunities and leadership support services designed with you in mind.

Leadership Opportunities 

  • Member-developed policy that forms the basis of TMA’s advocacy and public health initiatives 
  • Elected and appointed positions to TMA boards, councils, committees, and task forces that lead, study, and recommend action on issues of the day 
  • Elected county representation in the TMA House of Delegates 
  • Elected positions on the Texas Delegation to the AMA that represents Texas at the national level 
  • Leadership opportunities (e.g., section officers, delegates to TMA and AMA, and appointments to TMA boards, councils, and committees); as well as additional opportunities at the local county level 

Professional Development 

  • TMA Leadership College: Identifies, orients, and trains TMA members for future leadership positions
  • Leadership training at TMA conferences 
  • Message and media training for physicians held around the state 
  • Conferences, seminars, and CME activities that address current issues and offer a chance to network with colleagues 
  • Committees ranging from health promotion to child and adolescent health 
  • Grassroots lobbying training offered at every First Tuesdays at the Capitol event during a legislative session 
  • Local programming and events, great for building a referral network 

Community of Peers 

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