Why is TMA America's Best Medical Society?

Our Mission ... To Improve the Health of All Texans.

Why work for TMA? Are you passionate about the way you spend your days? We are! Our company is not defined by its building, product, or financial statements. Our company is a reflection of its people and their desire to make a difference. TMA strives to create and maintain a stimulating and enjoyable work environment that aims to attract, develop, retain, and promote talented individuals. Find the best job for you at TMA by going to our jobs page

Our Past …

TMA was first organized in 1853 when 35 physicians from 18 counties responded to a published invitation sent by 10 Austin doctors. The group's main goal was to advance the status and standards of medical practice in Texas. TMA has grown dramatically over the years. By 1954, 98 percent of all Texas physicians were members, and in 1984 TMA became the third largest medical association in the United States.

Our Present ...

By being the physicans' tireless advocate, we allow physicians to concentrate on their patients.

TMA monitors state and national laws to ensure that physicians can practice their craft with a minimum amount of interference. We help doctors set up offices and file claims for payment. TMA is the physicians' partner in health education by running programs like Walk With a Doc, Be Wise Immunize, and Hard Hats for Little Heads. TMA offers continuing medical education programs, has its own physicians' insurance, and publishes a daily newsletter (Texas Medicine Today) and a monthly health care magazine (Texas Medicine). The TMA Library offers more than 60,000 books and journals for use by its members. Our Web site keeps our membership informed of the latest medical news and special programs offered by TMA.

All of this and more are the key to TMA's success as the country's largest state medical society, with more than 51,000 physician and medical student members.

Our Future ... You

To our employees, we offer an attractive, flexible benefits package that an individual can select to fit their needs.

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November 24, 2020