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  • Legislative Hotline: Senate Passes Tobacco, Budget Bills; Debates Patient Autonomy

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    Deciding how to spend the final days and hours of life is highly a personal decision, and it’s one physicians encourage their patients to make long before the need arises. Today, the Senate debated end-of life-bills after voting yesterday to approve its version of the state’s 2020-21 budget and to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco and vape products.

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  • Update: Ten Measles Cases Reported in Texas

    Ten cases of measles have been reported in Texas this year, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) said in a statement Wednesday. The 10th case is an adult who was visiting Guadalupe County from the Philippines, where there is an ongoing measles outbreak, the statement said.

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    Multiple Mumps Cases Reported in Immigrant Detention Centers Across Texas

    Texas physicians should be on the lookout for mumps as health officials investigate multiple cases of the infectious disease in immigration centers throughout the state.

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  • A Growing Problem: Childhood Obesity Could Hamper Military Readiness

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    Childhood obesity has become so widespread in the U.S. that it threatens military readiness, but bills currently moving through the Texas Legislature could help alleviate the problem, according to a pair of state lawmakers.

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  • Talk to Patients About: Hepatitis B

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    There are six different vaccines for hepatitis B in the United States, so there’s no shortage of tools to prevent it. Yet in 2016, more than 1,698 people in this country – and more than 780,000 worldwide – died from this viral liver infection, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization.

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  • Most Texans Support Mandatory Childhood Vaccinations, Poll Shows

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    Although an anti-vaccine movement has continued to grow in Texas, the vast majority of voters support requiring vaccinations for Texas children, results from a poll released this week show. This is the third public opinion survey with very similar findings to be released in Texas in the past nine months.

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  • Senate All Ayes on Children’s Mental Health Bill

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    With a unified voice and a unanimous vote, the Senate passed a bill this week designed to identify children with mental-health needs and direct them to appropriate, timely treatment.

    A Unified Voice
    and a Unanimous Vote
  • TMA Backs School Mental Health Funds

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    The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Article III (which covers education) met yesterday, giving TMA the chance to submit testimony supporting the Texas Education Agency’s Safe and Healthy Schools Initiative, known as Rider 74. Rider 74 would appropriate $37 million to equip Texas public schools with the resources needed to improve student mental health.

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  • 25 Free Helmets Could Be Yours

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    TMA’s Hard Hats for Little Heads is turning 25, and we want you to join our party! We’re offering 25 FREE helmets to 25 TMA members to host their first local event during Hard Hats for Little Heads Month in October. Deadline to enter the 25 for 25 campaign is June 1.

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  • TMA Pushes Back Against Planned Vaccine Payment Cuts

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    As the influenza virus continues to spread statewide, TMA and other specialty societies have taken a stand against a plan to cut by almost 36 percent payments to physicians who administer a flu vaccine in their offices.

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  • TMA Forum Seeks Solutions to Texas’ Maternal Mortality Crisis

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    Maternal mortality rates in Texas continue to be a major public health concern.

    In 2011 and 2012, Texas had the nation’s highest maternal mortality rate, including deaths during childbirth as well as pregnancy and up to one year after delivery, according to a 2016 study.

    Texas lawmakers partially addressed the issue during this summer’ special session by extending the life of the Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force until 2023.

    For its part, the Texas Medical Association and its Council on Science and Public Health held an invitation-only Maternal Safety Forum on Sept. 30, 2017.

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  • Physicians Serve as Lead Clinicians to Support Mental Health Intervention 

    The impact of adverse childhood events (ACEs) can be lasting and costly on patient health and medical outcomes.

    In the United States, more than 20% of adults report experiencing three ACEs during their youth, potentially increasing the risk of negative, chronic health consequences and challenges such as alcoholism, depression, unemployment, heart disease and substance abuse, among many others.

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  • TMA Fighting for Physicians and Patients

    Texas Gets $46 Million to Fight Opioid Abuse

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    he Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration recently awarded the Texas Health and Human Services Commission $46.2 million to expand treatment options and to increase access to medication-assisted treatment.

    Texas Gets Federal Boost
    to Fight Opioids
  • TMA Legislative Public Health Testimonies

  • Push To Raise Tobacco Sales Age to Get Senate Boost

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    Medicine received good news Wednesday that Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston) will refile a bill that would raise the tobacco sale age to 21. Refiling might not sound like much, but this is a very good indication of the bill’s likelihood of success in the Senate.

    SB 21 Would Include Vaping  
  • TMA Leaders Outline Initiatives to Protect Texas Mothers, Children

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    The Texas Medical Association will call on Texas lawmakers to support initiatives designed to improve maternal and children's health during this year's legislative session, according to the chairs of two TMA committees who spoke at Winter Conference in Austin on Saturday.

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  • The Problems of Parental Leave

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    A handful of countries in the world have no national policies on paid parental leave, and the United States is one of them. How can physicians and the practices that employ them make parental leave work for them?

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  • Texas Doctors Ready to Help Care for Migrant Children

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    Just as they did several years ago, Texas physicians stand ready to volunteer their help as the federal government addresses an influx of thousands of migrant children and their families at the United States-Mexico border.

    Texas Physicians On Standby to Assist the Needs of the Children  
  • TMA House OKs Plan to Stop Cancer Before it Starts

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    The TMA House of Delegates on Saturday approved an eight-point plan designed to help reduce resistance to vaccinating children against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV).

    TMA Makes Cancer Prevention a Top Priority