Health Information Technology

  • HIT Tools and Resources at Your Fingertips


    TMA works diligently to give you the tools you need to tackle the challenges of technology. Whether you need help selecting an electronic health record (EHR) or understanding the EHR incentive program or information on e-prescribing, TMA has the resources.

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  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • HIT Articles

    Apply for Meaningful Use Hardship Exception by July 1


    If the 2015 meaningful use modification rule delay prevented you from meeting the criteria for the 2015 reporting year, listen up. You need to review the hardship application categories to see if any of them apply to you.

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  • Take Steps to Protect Your Practice From Ransomware


    Ransomware attacks have become a common threat for hospitals and physician practices throughout the United States and Texas. Ransomware can completely disable a practice by encrypting the patient data, essentially making it inaccessible until the ransom is paid. There are things you can do to protect your practice.

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  • EHR Buyer Beware: Issues to Consider When Contracting with EHR Vendors

    Contract EHR  

    This paper discusses eight important EHR contract terms your medical practice should consider before signing an EHR contract.

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  • New TMA Resource: Electronic Patient Engagement Tools

    Patient Engagement image  

    With high-deductible health plans and a greater push for personal responsibility, many patients are interested in engaging more closely with their physicians and other health care professionals.

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