Mandatory Monthly COVID Vaccine Inventory Reporting Starts in May
By Joey Berlin


Beginning in May, COVID-19 vaccinators will be required to make monthly reports of their vaccine inventory by the fifth of each month, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has told Texas Medicine Today. 

“These changes will give us a more accurate picture of how much usable vaccine Texas providers have on hand and allow us to identify unreported transfers between providers,” the spokesperson said.

An update to the DSHS Vaccine Allocation & Ordering System (VAOS) will go live on May 2, and vaccinators will then be able to report their inventory in VAOS between May 2 and May 5, a DSHS spokesperson said via email. In future months, vaccine administrators will be able to submit their inventory reports between the first and the fifth of the month.

Vaccine providers who fail to make their reports by May 5 – or any subsequent fifth of the month – will be suspended from ordering vaccines until they make the report. If vaccinators make their monthly report without placing a vaccine order, but would like to order vaccine later in the month, they’ll be required to submit another inventory report at that time.

 For more details, check out DSHS’ COVID-19 Vaccine Management Resources.

Last Updated On

April 22, 2022

Originally Published On

April 22, 2022

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