TMA Foundation Secures Matching Gift to Support Hard Hats for Little Heads

Champions of the Texas Medical Association’s Hard Hats for Little Heads program rose above and beyond at the TMA Foundation’s 29th annual gala on April 29 and earned a $10,500 matching gift during the event’s Make-A-Difference fundraising drive.  

For the 10th year, an anonymous member couple of TMA and the TMA Alliance pledged to contribute $10,500 if gala patrons could collectively donate at least the same amount. 

Generous supporters delivered $15,785 during Make-A-Difference that evening – plus the anonymous challenge gift of $10,500 – for a total of $26,285 for Hard Hats for Little Heads.   

That contribution will enable 5,123 young Texans to receive new helmets and safety education and will supply nearly 40% of the needed funding for the 2023 program.  

Hard Hats for Little Heads encourages exercise and fitness in kids while helping prevent life-altering or fatal brain injuries. Since 1994 this program has provided more than 360,000 free bike helmets, and instruction on how to wear them properly, to save lives and reduce injuries while cycling. Visit the Hard Hats website to learn how to protect more little Texans. 

The TMA Foundation thanks all donors who make Hard Hats for Little Heads and other TMA charitable health initiatives possible. You can reduce the risk of serious or fatal brain injuries by making a tax-deductible gift online.


Last Updated On

June 10, 2022

Originally Published On

June 10, 2022

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