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Volume 118, Number 5 - June 2022

The Legal Issue 

Picking the Right Battles (pages 16-21)
Armed with its Patient-Physician Advocacy Committee and TMA policy, here’s a look at how the association comes to physicians’ aid in the courts. By Joey Berlin

How to Start a Medical-Legal Partnership (pages 24-26)
Adding legal professionals to care teams can help physicians deal with factors outside the exam room that impact patients’ health. By Sean Price

Contract Do’s and Don’ts (pages 28-20)
With a keen eye and practiced skills, physicians can negotiate from a place of strength. By Emma Freer

Information Unblocked (pages 32-35)
Physicians must now comply with federal rules broadening patients’ access to medical records – and they have proven mostly useful. By Emma Freer

Other news 

Profile: "Fight the Good Fight" (pages 4-5)
Past President David C. Fleeger, MD, awarded TMA's highest honor

Legislative Affairs: What’s Next for Prior Authorization? (pages 37-39)
As Texas’ “gold-card” law winds through rulemaking, TMA looks ahead to the 2023 legislative session. By Emma Freer

Public Health: Maternity Deserts (pages 40-43)
Rural Texas women have dwindling options for safely delivering babies. By Sean Price

Law: “Black Robes, Not White Coats” (pages 44-47)
Physicians worry about recent attempts to use courts to compel unproven treatments. By Joey Berlin

Also in this issue:   
06 Rounds: TMA House of Delegates
22 Law: Meet TMA’s new chief counsel
48 Public Health: EUA for medical devices 

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May 31, 2022