El Paso Physicians Start Serving in TMA Leadership Positions

September 12, 2020

Seven El Paso physicians have begun terms of service in Texas Medical Association (TMA) leadership positions, while caring for patients and managing medicine’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

TMA’s House of Delegates policymaking body met virtually on Saturday to verify the last of this year’s TMA elections and appointments. The pandemic forced TMA to alter its governance and meeting processes in 2020. Physician leaders have used virtual meetings and special governance provisions this year to elect or appoint physicians and medical students to one or more of TMA’s 25 boards, councils, and committees. The physicians are responsible for studying health care-related issues and making recommendations on important health care policy affecting Texas patients and their physicians.

TMA also elected area physicians to represent Texas doctors in the American Medical Association (AMA) House of Delegates, and selected members of TMA’s Board of Councilors.

All the physicians are members of the El Paso Medical Society.

El Paso

Benjamin L. Clapp, MD, surgeon in practice for 16 years; appointed to TMA’s Committee on Membership.

Jose Manuel De La Rosa, MD, pediatrician in practice for 32 years; reappointed consultant to TMA’s Council on Medical Education. 

Gilberto A. Handal, MD, internist for 50 years; reappointed consultant to TMA’s Committee on Infectious Diseases and reelected as councilor to TMA’s Board of Councilors.

Richard W. McCallum, MD, gastroenterologist in practice for 11 years; reelected to TMA’s Council on Science and Public Health.

Roxanne M. Tyroch, MD, an internist in practice for 18 years, elected to serve as a Texas delegate in the AMA House of Delegates.

Angel M. Rios, MD, an obstetrician in practice for 28 years; confirmed as vice councilor on TMA’s Board of Councilors.

Jose Manuel De La Rosa, MD, pediatrician in practice for 32 years; reappointed consultant to TMA’s Council on Medical Education. 

Luis Hernando Urrea II, MD, orthopedic sports surgeon in practice for 24 years; reelected to TMA’s Council on Socioeconomics.


Descriptions of the board, delegation, councils and committees:

Read the descriptions and charges of each TMA board, council and committee, and of the Texas Delegation to the AMA.

TMA is the largest state medical society in the nation, representing more than 53,000 physician and medical student members. It is located in Austin and has 110 component county medical societies around the state. TMA’s key objective since 1853 is to improve the health of all Texans.


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September 12, 2020

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