Texas Delegation to the AMA

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    The Texas Delegation to the AMA is a determined, driven bunch, dedicated to propose and pass legislation to help their colleagues improve the health of all Texans — and Americans. One example in this video is their work to end a Medicare crisis and improving those patients' access to physicians' care. Texas Delegation Chair David N. Henkes, MD, and several other physicians in the group, all describe the work of the delegation and the pride they share in serving Texans in the national organization.

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  • TMA at AMA: Top 10 Highlights

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    Even a tornado warning and 80-mile-an-hour gusts that hit Chicago during the week of the AMA House of Delegates couldn't upend the months of preparation Texas physicians put in to influence numerous national policy areas, and win adoption of several Texas proposals.

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  • Strength in Numbers: Texas Physicians Shape Health Care Policy at AMA

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    Texas is a national leader in medicine by virtue of the fact that the Texas Medical Association is the country’s largest state medical society, with more than 57,000 members. The Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA) is a determined, driven bunch, dedicated to propose and pass legislation to help their colleagues improve the health of all Texans, and Americans.

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  • TMA at AMA: Reflections

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    TMA Vice Speaker and Texas Delegate John Flores, MD, takes a look back at the progress made at this year's Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates.

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  • Leadership

  • Texas Delegation to AMA

    Consists of delegates and alternate delegates who represent TMA at AMA meetings.

    David N. Henkes, MD, Chair
    Michelle Berger, MD, Vice Chair
    Gary W. Floyd, MD, Vice Chair

    Robert T. Gunby, MD
    William H. Fleming III, MD
    David N. Henkes, MD
    Diana L. Fite, MD
    John T. Gill, MD
    Kenneth L. Mattox, MD
    Kevin McKinney, MD
    E. Linda Villarreal, MD
    Gary Floyd, MD
    Les H. Secrest, MD
    Michelle Berger, MD
    Jayesh B. Shah, MD
    G. Ray Callas, MD
    William S. Gilmer, MD
    Gregory M. Fuller, MD
    Cynthia A. Jumper, MD
    Roxanne M. Tyroch, MD
    John G. Flores, MD
    John T. Carlo, MD
    Elizabeth Torres, MD

    Alternate Delegates
    Jennifer R. Rushton, MD
    Steven R. Hays, MD
    Sherif Z. Zaafran, MD
    Robert H. Emmick, MD
    Zeke Silva III, MD
    Bryan G. Johnson, MD
    Eddie L. Patton Jr., MD
    Shanna M. Combs, MD
    Yasser F. Zeid, MD
    Kimberly Edwards, MD
    Angela Self, MD
    Mark A. Casanova, MD
    Vivek Rao, MD
    Deborah Fuller, MD
    Grayson Jackson (MSS)
    Matthew McGlennon, DO (RFS)


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