Texas Delegation to the AMA

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    Consists of delegates and alternate delegates who represent TMA at AMA meetings.

    David N. Henkes, MD, Chair
    Michelle Berger, MD, Vice Chair
    Gary W. Floyd, MD, Vice Chair

    Lyle S. Thorstenson, MD, Dallas
    Robert T. Gunby, Jr., MD, Dallas
    David C. Fleeger, MD, Austin
    Asa C. Lockhart, MD, Tyler
    William H. Fleming III, MD, Houston
    David N. Henkes, MD, San Antonio
    Diana L. Fite, MD, Magnolia
    John T. Gill, MD, Dallas
    Kenneth L. Mattox, MD, Houston
    Kevin McKinney, MD, Galveston
    E. Linda Villarreal, MD, Edinburg
    Gary W. Floyd, MD, Keller
    Les H. Secrest, MD, Dallas
    Michelle Berger, MD, Austin
    Jayesh B. Shah, MD, San Antonio 
    Arlo F. Weltge, MD, Bellaire
    G. Ray Callas, MD, Beaumont
    William S. Gilmer, MD, Houston
    Gregory M. Fuller, MD, Keller
    Cynthia A. Jumper, MD, Lubbock

    Alternate Delegates
    Roxanne M. Tyroch, MD, El Paso
    John G. Flores, MD, Little Elm
    John T. Carlo, MD, Dallas
    Elizabeth Torres, MD, Houston
    Jennifer Rushton, MD, San Antonio
    Steven R. Hays, MD, Dallas
    Sherif Z. Zaafran, MD, Houston
    Robert H. Emmick, MD, Austin
    Zeke Silva III, MD, San Antonio
    Bryan G. Johnson, MD, Frisco
    Eddie L. Patton, MD, Houston
    Shanna Combs, MD, Fort Worth
    Yasser Zeid, MD, Tyler
    Patrick Bettiol, Lubbock (student member)

    Staff: Brad Burnett, ext. 1306

    To contact Texas Delegation staff, email delegation@texmed.org
  • Why Join the AMA?

    The Texas Delegation to the AMA is a determined, driven bunch, dedicated to propose and pass legislation to help their colleagues improve the health of all Texans — and Americans. One example in this video is their work to end a Medicare crisis and improving those patients' access to physicians' care. Texas Delegation Chair David N. Henkes, MD, and several other physicians in the group, all describe the work of the delegation and the pride they share in serving Texans in the national organization.

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  • AMA Taps Texas Physician as Next President

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    Susan Rudd Bailey, MD, an allergist from Fort Worth, was unanimously elected by the American Medical Association House of Delegates to be the next AMA president.

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  • Texans Complete Sweep of AMA Posts

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    A pair of Texas physicians won reelection to their American Medical Association (AMA) leadership posts Tuesday, continuing a strong showing by the Texans at the 2018 annual meeting of the AMA House of Delegates here.

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  • Three TMA Leaders Snag AMA Spots

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    The American Medical Association Board of Trustees approved the appointment of three TMA leaders to key American Medical Association posts.

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    TMA is helping to strengthen your practice by offering advice and creating a climate of medical success across the state. 

  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?